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beware bushit bearing gifts .....

beware bushit bearing gifts .....

from the New York Times …..

Pentagon Invites Kremlin to Link Missile Systems


Published: April 21, 2007

WASHINGTON, April 20 - The Bush administration is offering Russia a new package of incentives to drop its strong opposition to American missile defense sites in Poland and the Czech Republic, including an invitation to begin linking some American and Russian antimissile systems, according to senior administration and military officials.

The package includes American offers to cooperate on developing defense technology and to share intelligence about common threats, as well as to permit Russian officials to inspect the future missile bases.

American officials said the initiatives were proposed at least in part at the urging of European allies, and reflected an acknowledgment at the highest levels of the Bush administration that it had not been agile in dealing with Russia - and with some NATO allies - on its plan to place defensive missiles and radar in Poland and the Czech Republic.

The initiatives include offers that are "deeper, more specific and concrete" than any previous proposal for cooperation from the Bush administration to the Kremlin, according to one senior official involved in planning talks with the Russians.


Gus: Bush to Putin: "we'll show you how to win wars, like Iraq..."

Sold out to opportunistic democrapcy

From the ABC and around the world

Angry Russians lash out at Yeltsin

Even traditional respect for the dead could not temper Russians' deep-seated anger towards Boris Yeltsin as they reacted to news their former president had died of heart failure.

On the streets of Moscow, residents railed against the many perceived failures of Russia's first post-Soviet president, from the break-up of the USSR and the war in Chechnya to the sell-off of state assets to a handful of oligarchs.


Gus: no wonder is Putin trying to hold Russia together with a firm hand as the West presently wages a war of propaganda against him. Despite putting the nose of "private" enterprise (read profiteers) out of joint, including media outlet, He's managed to limit the damage and make state owned enterprises work reasonably well. Not only Putin has had to cope with the West, he's had to deal with Russia's highway robbers, including those planted by the West, trying to get away with the Russian assets...

Putin has to walk a very fine line... Compared to Putin, Bush is a rogue juvenile elephant in a china store, with a weak bowel system.