Thursday 23rd of September 2021

on political transparency .....

on political transparency .....

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s political camp struck back on Saturday against rivals who were attacking her as overly secretive, circulating legal arguments from a Clinton ally asserting that the Clintons are not blocking the release of presidential papers about their discussions in the White House in the 1990s. 

Bruce Lindsey, a top adviser to former President Bill Clinton, issued a lengthy statement on Friday evening saying that, contrary to some news reports, Mr. Clinton had “not asked that records related to communications with Senator Clinton be withheld,” and that Mr. Clinton had not blocked the release of any presidential documents. 

In pushing to clarify the issue, the Clinton camp is trying to correct an image of Mrs. Clinton, a Democratic presidential candidate, that is being painted by her critics — that she is too secretive, and that because she will not release the papers more quickly, her experience argument lacks credibility. 

Mrs. Clinton, in an interview with Radio Iowa on Saturday, said she did not know what the papers would reveal, but she supported releasing them as quickly as possible. “I think it’s like people think we have boxes of records in our basement and why don’t I just go and get them and hand them over," she said. “And you know my husband has never blocked a record ever. He has been the most forthcoming of all presidents." 

Three Iowa supporters of another candidate, Senator Barack Obama, of Illinois, sent Mrs. Clinton, of New York, a letter Saturday, urging that she expedite the release of documents, to “be as open as possible with the American people.” 

In a 2002 letter from Mr. Clinton to the National Archives, which controls his papers, Mr. Clinton wrote that documents including communication between the two Clintons “should generally be considered for withholding” until 2012. 

Clinton Rebuts Accusations Of Secrecy

And on the other side, in the loony bin....

Candidate on Jesus juice comes to the fore

Anne Davies Herald Correspondent in Washington
December 4, 2007

MIKE HUCKABEE seems almost too nice for the US presidential race. The former Arkansas governor, who hails from the tiny town of Hope where the former president Bill Clinton also grew up, invariably chooses a joke or a wry comment rather than a frontal assault on his opponents.

The former southern Baptist minister who believes in creationism over evolution, and who has a rock solid record on opposing abortion, has been urging his party to get behind him as the true Christian conservative in the race.

But until now the powerbrokers in the Republican Party and the evangelical Christian movement were reluctant to back Mr Huckabee, believing that as a second-tier candidate, he could not break through the pack of nine candidates.

That changed over the weekend, with a poll in the Des Moines Register, a newspaper in Iowa, which will hold the first presidential contest on January 3.


Gus: Oh brother!... Here comes the Crusades, the Inquisition and the Dark Ages again. Please tell me it's a joke... a bad joke. A Muckabee...