Saturday 9th of December 2023

It's Time (for a change) (Bruce Paton)

Congratulations to Margo for putting into the mainstream the collection of untruths and manipulations our PM has done to us. Previously this was only done by what could be described as single issue publications which have been seen as some to be in the ratbag or extreme right category.

I am a firearms owner and have been hit twice now by our PM's bias and desire to control the States laws. I haven't enjoyed being made an instant criminal under an amnesty. These two events awoke me to our PM's attitude of knowing what is best for us and foisting it upon us in an undemocratic manner.

It truly worries me that if he is not voted out we will have our first Ruler of Australia. He certainly acts as if he is the Head of State already. As time has gone on in terms of office, he seems to be less incined to react to public opinion and more inclined to tough it out or bully his way through. It really is not good for us as a relatively young country to have the mindset that our politicians are liars, untrustworthy, looking after themselves and their own values, and us accepting it as the norm.

Our PM flits between praising and demonising the American way of life but at least they have a system that is robust and incapable of long term domination by an individual.