Friday 29th of September 2023

60 years young, Electrical Engineer, Businessman, Private Pilot, Grazier, Gun Owner and ex-Liberal voter (Peter Whelan)

FELLOW EDITORS: I PUBLISHED THE GENTLEMAN'S SMALLER PIECE (HE MUST HAVE READ THE WORD LIMIT AFTER SUBMITTING HIS FIRST ONE AND DECIDED TO NOT GIVE US AN EXCUSE TO IGNORE HIM). HIS BASIC POINT - THAT THE GUN OWNERS SAW HOWARD'S COLOURS FIRST - EVEN BEFORE THE WATERSIDE WORKERS - WHILE THE LEFT APPLAUDED WITHOUT IRONY - I UTTERLY AGREE WITH, INCIDENTALLY. Excellent book, which encapsulated everything we Law Abiding Gun Owners felt when Howard branded us all potential murderers, in 1996 after Port Arthur and then again in 2002, after Monash Murders.After Port Arthur Massacre, much was written and discussed about the effect of the Richmond Report, into Mental Health, as well as the influence of the sadistic and violent videos Martin Bryant watched. Or was the problem one of poor Policing in that M.B. had been previously asociated with two other deaths? But then the Media got heavily into 'Gun Control'. Suddenly Howard, against expert advice and against the wishes of the State Police Ministers, forced through his 'Gun Buy Backs'. He took guns from the very people who were never a problem in society! The powerful media interests continued to applaud Howard's 'Brave Stance', even though Gun Prohibition, like Alcohol Prohibition, had been shown not to work in other Countries. When Howard walked into the Shooting Centre at Sydney Olympics, to watch Michael Diamond shoot for Gold, the many thousands of spectators booed and jeered him, (I was one of them...). Later that night, as I watched the news, the 'Olympic Theme Music' was overplayed, blocking the footage of Howard getting booed and jeered! What a joke. Let's expose the Howard Government