Sunday 24th of September 2023

We went to Uni together (Geoffrey Robert Neilsen)

Whilst I am a conservative voter by nature, I too have been alarmed at the deterioration of the level of debate on issues in Australia in recent years. I have enjoyed reading your articles in the SMH over the years, although not always agreeing with you.

My daughters gave me your book for my birthday and I started reading it last night. What a revelation! I have only read the first few chapters but you have articulated that which I have been saying for some time. Vigorous debate in a democratic society is a healthy thing - it's what sets us apart. I think that this idea that you are either with me or against me is unhealthy for any democracy.

Sadly, I think that Howard when he finally goes - and I suspect it won't be this time - he will leave Australia a more polarised, insensitive and selfish society than he found. Not a great legacy by any measure.

I also realised when I read your bio that we were at Uni together!

All the best
Geoff Neilsen