Saturday 30th of September 2023

Not Happy Johnning Wentworth ()

Wentworth is on a knife edge. A large part of the blue ribbon electorate is grumpy with Malcolm Turnbull over his aggressive pre-selection tactics, and those who aren't too fussed about pre-selection tactics are concerned that a vote for Turnbull is a vote for Howard. With Peter King's decision to run as an independent, there is a real and growing chance that a seat held for 103 years by the Liberals will fall.

The four contenders for the seat are to meet on Monday night at an event organised by the Wilderness Society to discuss their respective position towards the continued felling of Tasmania's old Growth forests. It will be a good opportunity to meet the candidates and ask them some real questions about how they perceive the strength of our democracy...or not

What: Public meeting to meet the candidates for Wentworth and ask what they are doing to protect Tasmania's forests.
When: Monday 20th September 2004, 7pm FREE ENTRY
Where: Waverley Council Chambers, Beach Room, Bondi Road, Bondi Junction