Saturday 9th of December 2023

A couple of observations to add to the pot. (Leo Smith)

Observation One. Reading through the other reviews I noticed that the critical ones are never specific. They refer vaguely to factual errors but remain cryptic as to which facts are in error and what the real facts are. C'mon! It's too easy to criticise and never elaborate. So to them, for the good of us all; for the good of Oz and Truth and God and Democracy and little children everywhere, tell us what the errors are.

I've been watching the US election and, from this distance, the partisan nature of that population seems even more obvious than here. I have to say, without the US example, my objection to partisanship amongst the constituency might otherwise be largely academic but now I can see the great lack of logic and tolerance for lies that partisanship allows. Democracy becomes a sport played above us and we are little more than biased spectators. The 'team' we barrack for becomes an end in itself and we are effectively locked out of the Democratic process, with no more clout than an ardent fan.

Thus, I have re-dedicated myself to the Democratic process; not the one we've ended up with, but the one we wanted in the first place. For that reason, I am more willing than ever to listen to the critics of 'Not Happy John' and the supporters of John Howard or Pauline Hanson or Mark Latham or ... well, you get the picture. I still have little tolerance for vague personal or subjective criticisms; an intolerance that I believe is warranted in a secular State, of Government based upon reason and not faith (proof and not bias).

If I'm wrong, I'll change my mind.

So, how about it naysayers. Flesh out those vague protestations and let's have a real debate.

Observation 2. Re Democracy and Iraq. The bitterest irony is that the Iraqi people can have Democracy but only after they galvanise to kick out the invaders and assert collective ownership of their country. In fact, that act itself might be the real beginnings of Democracy in Iraq and would neatly parallel the beginnings of Democracy in the USA. Mmmmm, now that's good irony.