Saturday 20th of April 2024

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Conning Condoleezza Rice fronted the release of the US Department of State’s annual report on the rest of the world’s efforts on the human rights front last week…

Rice’s remarks to the press exemplified the breathtaking, self-righteous hypocrisy of the Bush adminis-tration... “our nation will continue to clarify for other nations the moral choice between oppression & freedom

Habeas Corpus

Thanks for the links, John, especially the one to CCR.

Civil rights lawyers may find a way to bring them to book, but I fear they have created a scenario where the battles will be fought without law.

It's one thing to lock up wogs, coons and gooks, because strangers don't have access to our resources. But one day the wrong person will disappear, and an extreme nihilist fringe group will hold a figurehead personally responsible.

When is the anniversary of the Waco siege?

On Freedom's Trail

The US omitted to include itself in its review of the world's human rights performance of 2004. For those interested, the human rights record of the US for 2004 is here. .


As soon as I pressed the button on the previous, that mentioned Waco, I feared I shouldn't have.

But, last night's 'Insight' on SBS (Whatever it takes) afforded me a bit of relief.

Raimond Gaita spoke about the way society is corrupted by a process of normalisation of aberrant behaviour. He was referrring to the use of physical and psychological pressure to make people talk. He did mention another thing, but I'd better not mention it here. Read the transcript.


Hi Peter, just wanted to say thanks for the link to the record of the US's systematic human abuses. You know it is happening but to read it through is mindbending and truly sickening.