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Evolution of sapiens

Evolution of sapiens

From an American in distress (not the one on the branch)

"our forefathers ... were mostly secular, rather than religious. Men like Franklin, Madison, Washington and Hancock! Oh, Georgie Porgie, have thy forgotten American history, along with all the other mothers of America, including the PTA, who eats your words like a lap dog.  I hear your Spotty died. Get real you ass-wipe traitor to the original American cause and our Constitution."

Some sense coming back in US education

From the New York Times

Evolution Fight Shifts Direction in Kansas Vote

Published: August 3, 2006
TOPEKA, Kan., Aug. 2 — Less than a year after the Kansas Board of Education adopted science standards that were the most wide-reaching in the nation in challenging Darwin’s theory of evolution, voters on Tuesday ousted the conservative majority on the board that favored those guidelines.

Several of the winners in the primary election, whose victories are virtually certain to [|shift the board] to at least a 6-to-4 moderate majority in November, promised Wednesday to work swiftly to restore a science curriculum that does not subject evolution to critical attack.

They also said they would try to eliminate restrictions on sex education passed by the current board and to review the status of the education commissioner, Bob Corkins, who they said was hired last year with little background in education.

In a state where a fierce fight over how much students should be taught about the criticism of evolution has gone back and forth since 1999, the election results were seen as a significant defeat for the movement of intelligent design

See cartoon above...

give 'em a ticket!

On September 22, physicists reported that neutrinos can travel faster than light, a finding that - if verified - would blast a hole in Einstein's theory of special relativity.

In experiments conducted between the European Centre for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Switzerland and a laboratory in Italy, the particles were clocked at 300,006 kilometres per second, about six km/sec faster than the speed of light, the researchers said.

The physicists themselves admitted they were quite flummoxed by the findings and other experts are skeptical, suggesting a problem in measurement techniques or equipment.

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Obviously the neutrinos are speeding. Give them a speeding fine to bring them back into line. That will flummox the punters. And by the way at that speed, time is elastic somewhat... See toon at top.