Saturday 31st of July 2021

Canberranean trinitus

Canberranean trinitus

Delegating responsibilities

Church-run employment agencies are concerned the Federal Government plans to give Job Network providers the power to cut their clients' unemployment benefits. This Holy "charitable" Government wants private Job Network agencies to take over Centrelink's role of penalising jobseekers who are not making enough effort.... Soon the Federal Government will be redundant if it keeps delegating its own obligations to private or charitable enterprises...

The Christian vote...

In Yankeeland, George W Bush cornered most of the religious vote, all more or less concentrated in the mid-west of America by showing his own religious allegiance to them... In Australia, Abbott cultivated the Catholic vote, Costello was in charge of the Anglican vote, while Johnnee was collecting the votes from Hillsong, Family first and other unattached churches, with his methodist background ...

Job Network

Hey Gus, the proposal to delegate the authority over people on benefits to private enterprise is one of the nastiest things Howard has done if it is as the fliers report.

The potential for abuse, corruption, graft and enslavement is enormous. I'm glad some of the Church people have objected to it but I bet there are many others salivating at the possibilities.

Terrorising the cola-ition

Not wanting to intrude, Gus, but have you considered what Dear Leader would look like with a shaven head and a black eye?

And not wanting to inflict further pain on the family of Douglas Wood, the gangsters have picked a likely suspect for a victim. If they were after an unending stream of me-too media blather from Oz, to inflate their own importance, they got it. But, as propaganda footage, here's what could be done.

During the regular Arabic network updates on the impotence of Downer & Howard, splice the clips of the hostage (with the Ch 9 logo), together with video of blown-up kids from Fallujah, Rumsfeld kissing Saddam's ass, Halliburton and military contractors printing money, busted sewerage lines, exclusive Australian private schools and the privileges of the elite, the dependence of us on Iraqi oil, Ronnie Walker flagging off a car-race, John Howard's corrupting preferences for private schools, and indigenous kids with their polo fields, 15 rugby ovals and their rifle ranges. I think the average Iraqi could tell the difference between Saddam and John Howard. Howard gets someone else to do his dirty work.

Dry ice

Readers may remember this -

CIA agents told to deliver bin Laden's head on ice

Last night, an expert on terrorism spoke to an ALP branch meeting. He compared Osama bin Laden to the next in line, Zarqawi. The speaker said UBL controlled at a distance, from the cave, and is disabled by chronic kidney disease. But Zarqawi likes to get his hands dirty, ie, he himself wields the knife. The speaker also said that Australia is being mentioned in Al Quaeda chatter much more since the invasion. He also said the shock-jocks and letters-to-The-Oz ranting about Sheik Hilali's use of 'jihad' are typical of Australia's lack of understanding of the importance of crossing a cultural divide with the use of language.

IMO, if Zarqawi's mob get hold of the hostages, they won't be interested in money, and making noises about evicting the invaders. As distressing as this may be, I expect John Howard's office to take delivery of an esky, soon, unless the Mufti gets to the table before Wood is sold up the chain.


Hey T G, you obviously feel very strongly about the war in Iraq and so do I. It is inconceivable to me that Australia should have troops there and I abhor the decisions to commit our troops there.

However, could I ask that comments about the hostage perhaps show a little more consideration for the family and friends? We know what terrorists are capable of and unfortunately it seems coalition troops are not above similar acts also. Do we need to describe them here?

I mean no offence to you, just asking for consideration of others.

No Free Speech

Pegasus, you seem to think there is no free speech in Australia.
I agree. It has a cost.

Pardon me?

Hey Len, be more exlicit please.

More explicit

How can I be more explicit? There is no such thing as free speech. Free speech is being objective but being objective is dangerous and being subjective is way too dangerous. I should know I have not been employed in my chosen field for 20 years. No one will hire me. No one cares about that aspect except one person, me, therefore other people still think I am brave.

I am not brave. I am stupid, because I am an idealist and think there should be free speech in Australia. That is a stupid idea because free speech does not exist. Go on read any newspaper and you will find it has been edited and does not mean what it supposed to say.

The newspaper I am reading says: "Tax cuts for all". As explianed on ABC last night the rich get all the tax cuts and will have more money while the poor get a sandwish and milkshake of about $6. Thank God we have the ABC to tell the truth. Did "all" get the same tax cut? No they didn't.

I better shut up because what I just said is free speech and that doesn't exist. The media can't even say what I just said.

Sorry Len

Hey Len, sorry, but I don't see what connection you are making between my request for restraint in imagery and your own view on free speech. Does not the concept of free speech bring with it responsibility as well? Or should we all just say whatever we feel on all occasions?

You have also concluded that I don't think there is such a thing as free speech. On what evidence please?


On the evidence you have just presented.