Wednesday 1st of February 2023

Gus Leonisky

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Blog entryracist swedes...... Gus Leonisky013 min 57 sec ago
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Blog entrywhat the rogue "deep state" really wants..... Gus Leonisky056 min 10 sec ago
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Blog entrya lie is a lie even if coming from the CIA or from pompeo..... Gus Leonisky012 hours 22 min ago
Blog entryhawaii's royal commission of inquiry.......... Gus Leonisky012 hours 31 min ago
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Blog entryavatars, shingeki no kyojin. superman, jesus christ, the three little pigs — comics and unreality with no value but distraction. Gus Leonisky115 hours 18 min ago
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Blog entrygone batty..... Gus Leonisky215 hours 57 min ago
Blog entrynazi lover..... Gus Leonisky116 hours 26 min ago
Blog entry"the russians are in trump's pants.....". Gus Leonisky117 hours 28 min ago
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Blog entryeveryone knows (everyone should know) that zelensky is the most corrupt one....... Gus Leonisky217 hours 46 min ago
Blog entrythe wrong man...... Gus Leonisky019 hours 41 min ago
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Blog entry100 years of fake news, with a few hard truths in between.... Gus Leonisky121 hours 24 min ago
Blog entrya last meal before becoming a moth?.... Gus Leonisky121 hours 35 min ago
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Blog entrysome books not at random..... Gus Leonisky022 hours 34 min ago
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