Friday 30th of July 2021

The sorry result of generational wars

This found in the Sydney Morning Herald letters to the editor this morning was enough to make me choke on my traditionally home-made rye bread.

Trail of destruction

Miranda Devine is absolutely correct in her assertion that the next generation is increasingly conservative ("The boom and bust of generation wars", Herald, May 12). The baby boomers have left us with divorce, STDs, drugs, alcohol abuse, euthanasia, abortion, consumerism and a collapsing birthrate. Why on earth would we sign up for that? The baby boomers should get with the times.
Nigel Freitas Roseville

Well Nigel (and Miranda) this takes the cake! Yes the next generation is becoming highly conservative. It's mainly because the old foggies and the porkie-ists in Canberra are making sure you are so, so they can profit from your menial comforts, and keep you asleep with their anaesthetics to stop you from asking the real questions.

If you represent the typical ME-conservative generation, it shows you haven't not understood one thing about being human. All you are is a hip-pocket, and ugliest of all things a "moralist" rather than a humanist.

I will add that using "generalisation" is the biggest way to lie (Johnnee uses it all the time) and I know many new generation people who do not think like you. It's just a question of proportion that gives the illusion of a trend, rarely a generality.