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Throughout the ages, criminal activities in society have been punished by the ruling entity of such societies with various degree of justice.


a rump backside...



















Compensation for farmers and other rural industries will be crucial to a potential deal between the Nationals and Liberals on contentious climate targets.

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce is expected to continue negotiations with Prime Minister Scott Morrison with a long-term move towards a net zero carbon emissions target a sticking point.

Deputy Nationals leader and Agriculture Minister David Littleproud said the party wouldn’t enter a deal until what was on offer was clearer.

time and again...


the minister is wet behind the ears...




















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Maybe the Aliens Really Are Here

But if so, it’s probably in the form of robotic probes—something both UFO enthusiasts and SETI scientists should be able to agree on...














Mouse plague forces evacuation of NSW jail


The mice plague that has cut a destructive swathe through western NSW for months is forcing the evacuation of a jail in the region.

Up to 200 staff and 420 male and female prisoners at Wellington Correctional Centre will be transferred to other prisons in the next 10 days while cleaning and remediation work takes place.

Corrective Services NSW Commissioner Peter Severin said operations at the jail would be scaled back to deal with the crisis and in-person visits had been suspended until the remediation work is completed.

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of violence in the bourgeois streets...
























 Inherent to this outlook, as Sartre came to understand it in the post-war period, was the view that if the freedom of others is limited, then the freedom of all will be limited. 

It was in this context that he wrote one of his most hard-hitting political pieces, the preface to Franz Fanon’s 1961 book The Wretched of the Earth. There he took aim directly at the more respectable pacifist tendencies—the kind of people who call for an end to violence on both sides.

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Washington: China will risk international isolation if it fails to allow a “real” investigation on its territory into the origins of the virus that caused the COVID-19 pandemic, US national security adviser Jake Sullivan said.

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Barnaby Joyce says he is "humbled" to be elected by his National Party colleagues back into the top spot at a vote this morning.

all the variety, all the charm, all the beauty of life is made up of light and shadow...


light and shadowlight and shadow

















Vladimir Putin is a philosopher… When he says: "There's no happiness in life, only a mirage of it on the horizon.” he means well. This is not glib. Some of the world leaders are gruffs/grubs like Trump, spoiled brats like Macron or professional deceitful politicians like Biden. Not Putin.



the art of the sale...

quantumic computarquantumic computar





















Gus Leonisky is rich. That is to say he is a rich artist. He has about 23,679 pieces of VIRTUAL art in his personal collection which he created himself, like the one above ("Quantumic Computar", please note it's low resolution). The original is in the vault. At US$256,325 each on average at auction, minus sales commission, this makes him richer than Bill Gates... Yoohoo!!!


But, there is a but, I need to find some suckers first... Bugger!


cheese, snails and clams...




















Four snails & 90 clams could be killed in upcoming hypersonic missile test, US Air Force warns

unfortunately, biden is a hypocrite, friend of a hypocrite boris...





















The partner of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has described his ongoing incarceration in one of England’s highest security prisons as “intolerable and grotesque”.

Stella Moris, 38, and the couple’s two young sons Gabriel, four, and Max, two, visited Assange in prison on Saturday morning for the first time in eight months.

Despite winning his long-running extradition battle against the US in January, Assange remains in HMP Belmarsh in south London pending the outcome of an appeal.

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