Sunday 16th of May 2021

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a bit of transhumanism...


Our universe exists through the relative integrity of substances, that are mostly transforming from hot to cold while expanding in the space/time field.

hiding from his own inadequacies?...


The organisers of Monday’s women’s rally outside Parliament House have hit back at a Liberal MP’s claim that Prime Minister Scott Morrison couldn’t attend the march because of security issues.

a difficult choice...

foreign votes   A new report from the US National Intelligence Council assesses that most of the governments the US-centralized empire has targeted for destruction are guilty of seeking to interfere in the nation’s 2020 election.


the WaPo experience...


If you're like Gus and pay attention to (accidental) details you could be amazed at the amount of delicate transformations that is used by media to first tell you lies, half-truths and also tell you nothing... But then when one media supporting something finds faults in the others, all hell breaks loose...



This from the "other" Post (New York Post):


NATO fever forever

nato   NATO is looking to the future.

US clowns: reagan, clinton, bush, obama, trump, biden...

clowning, no one's laughing...

Should Russia take US clowning seriously?

Putin's official spokesman Dmitry Peskov called White House spokesman Josh Earnest's remarks about the Russian president "outrageous and offensive." In a recent press conference, Earnest stated that the US administration was sharing the view about Putin's corruptness.


Dmitry Sudakov

uncertainties, probabilities and certainties, with time limits...

weather   Humanity relies on two main streams of existence in a specific environment. This has been defined in the past as nature and nurture. In more explicit terms, our DNA dictates who we physically are and our social constructs influence the stylistic understanding of our relationships. 

forget the french letter, use an app...


A proposal by one of Australia's top police officers to use phone apps to record sexual consent has been branded "naive".


woke and slavery


Adam Smith was somewhat ambiguous about slavery… He did not like it, not so much on a moral point of view but in economic relative sense. So a brave Kevin Donnelly goes on to bat against the woke movement that is trying to point the “sins” (I don’t believe in sin — mistakes) of the system devised by economists such as Smith.

no glossy bullet-proof brochure... it would be hypocritical...


Scott Morrison likes to present as a man with a plan. Whether it's dealing with asylum seekers, climate change or a pandemic, the Prime Minister typically has a strategy or a roadmap, quite often printed in a glossy brochure, to demonstrate he can tackle even the trickiest of problems. 

the kiwis win the america's cup...

Te Rehutai

Team New Zealand helmsman Peter Burling is often a man of just a few measured words and defending the America’s Cup wasn't going to change that.

climate change is still on...

sand storm

Despite a small industrial reduction in emissions due to Covid-19, There is still enough EXTRA CO2 in the atmosphere to increase average global temperatures by 6 degrees Celsius by 2150. Any EXTRA emissions of CO2, methane and NOxs gases ADDED till 2050 (or when the countries of the world manage ZERO emissions) will compound the temperature rise of the atmosphere and the rise of sea levels, which by 2150 could be 6 metres above present levels.


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