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preparing WW3 in the bowels of a german green....

  • In short: Germany's foreign minister says she is concerned about being too reliant on China for trade.
  • She has also warned Israel about conducting any military offensive in Rafah.
  • What's next? She said the European nation should look to trade directly with Australia on minerals like lithium.

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock says her country has overhauled its strategic approach to China to avoid a repeat of the past when, she says, the NATO member failed to realise the extent of its economic dependence on Russia.

"You shouldn't repeat mistakes twice," Ms Baerbock told 7.30, during her first visit to Australia.

"We Germans were so dependent on Russia for gas and oil [that] Russia calculated in the case of invasion, we couldn't react," she said.

The foreign minister said the previous German government had underestimated Russian President Vladimir Putin's threats to Ukraine.

"Our friends and partners, especially in Eastern Europe, they warned us, saying … this is a strategic instrument of dependency, and then also a preparation for the invasion of the war in Ukraine," she said.

Ms Baerbock, who is a Greens politician within Chancellor Olaf Scholz's coalition, says Germany has now developed a comprehensive China policy to diversify its supply chains, while maintaining a strong trade relationship with Beijing.

"[Germany's] China strategy is especially based on diversification," she said.

"We are not looking for decoupling, but we do not want to repeat our mistake twice that we are so dependent, that we cannot do our foreign policy."

A lithium trade deal?

The comments come at a time where Germany says Beijing is "striving for hegemony" in the Asia Pacific region and "calling principles of international law into question".

"They [have] made it very clear in their speeches, and then their foreign policy, that they are also challenging democracies worldwide," Ms Baerbock said.

To counter Chinese influence on trade and any over-dependence on them from Germany, the foreign minister said she would look to trade on critical minerals directly with Australia.

"Lithium comes from Australia then it's being exported to China, processed there, and then we import it again," she said.

"The smartest thing not only for diversification, but also strengthening ties between democracies, and free markets, would be if we could import the lithium directly from Australia."

Israel's security is Germany's raison d'état

While Ms Baerbock travelled to Australia to return cultural heritage items to the Kaurna people, she also met with Foreign Affairs Minister Penny Wong in Adelaide, where the two briefly discussed the situation in the Middle East.

Germany is one of Israel's staunchest allies, and its arms trade with Tel Aviv is second only to the US.

Ms Baerbock told 7.30 that Israel's security remains Germany's "raison d'êtat."

"The security of the state of Israel and the future generation is our raison d'êtat. We have committed the worst crimes, the genocide, the Shoah to 6 million Jews," she said, making reference to the Holocaust.

Germany's foreign minister says that dark history compels them to uphold international law.

"This is why I've engaged so heavily as the German foreign minister, not only to call on Hamas to lay down its weapons to guarantee Israel's security, but also calling on the Israeli government that humanitarian aid has to come into Gaza.

"They are fighting the Hamas terrorists and not the civilian population."

Diplomatic efforts to reach a deal between Benjamin Netanyahu's government and Hamas leadership are ongoing.

The Israeli prime minister maintains his planned invasion of the city of Rafah – where hundreds of thousands of civilians have sought shelters – remains on the cards.

Ms Baerbock says she has warned Israel of the consequences of invading Rafah.

"I made also very clear that an offensive full invasion of Rafah is impossible because of 1 million people who are currently in Rafah, they cannot just disappear in the air."


German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock TALKS smart DUMB SHIT...

— Supporting Israel knowing that israel is committing atrocities is double speak.

— The invasion of Rafah is impossible blah blah blah? Netanyahu will do it if he wishes to do so...

— supporting Ukraine knowing that the whole situation has been engineered by America is double-speak

— knowing that Ukraine is run by a Nazi government does not reflect well on Germany nor on Australia...

— Rerliance on Russian gas was a two way trade. The Americans hated the Russian gas to Germany. It is disingenuous by Baerbock to blame Russian gas when the American Empire has set up the "Ukrainian problem"(which killed the cheap Russian gas deal) to engage the russians into a confllict that Putin tried hard to avoid. The Americans blew up the Nord Sea gas pipelines to prevent Germany returning to cheap Russian gas. Germany is in the clutches of the US Empire and obeys orders from Wahington (white House and the Pentagon that has more than 40 US bases in Germany)




Aaron Maté : Ten Years of US in Ukraine



MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Statements by the French President, UK officials and a representative of the US Senate about their readiness and intention to send military personnel to Ukraine require special attention and special measures, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Monday, commenting on military drills announced by the Russian Defense Ministry.

“Actually, this is stated exhaustively in the statement of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. There is nothing to add there. If you ask me what statements of Western representatives we are talking about, it is obvious that we are talking about the statement of Mr Macron and the statement of the British representatives. You you know, they also added a representative of the US Senate, if I’m not mistaken, who spoke of readiness and even intention to send armed contingents to Ukraine, that is, to actually expose NATO soldiers to the Russian military,” Peskov said in response to a question on whether the announced exercises were connected to the threats.

"They require special attention and special measures," he added.

Earlier in the day, the ministry said that the General Staff of the Russian armed forces had started preparations for holding exercises in the near future with missile units of the Southern Military District, involving aviation, as well as naval forces, in order to increase the readiness of non-strategic nuclear forces to carry out combat missions. During the exercises, the Russian armed forces will practice a set of activities for the preparation and use of non-strategic nuclear weapons, the ministry said.

At the same time, the Kremlin spokesman noted that information that France will allegedly send soldiers to Ukraine requires verification.

Stephen Bryan, the former assistant to the US deputy secretary of defense, said in an interview with foreign media earlier this month that France had sent soldiers of the Foreign Legion to Ukraine.

The rhetoric of Paris and London regarding the possibility of sending soldiers to Ukraine is dangerous, the official added.

Speaking about the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR)'s report that the US takes measures to replace Ukraine's Volodymyr Zelensky, Peskov said it is to early to comment on them.

"Now, it is premature to talk about this, at this stage I suggest contacting our colleagues from the Foreign Intelligence Service for clarification," Peskov told reporters.

Earlier in the say, the SVR said that Washington had activated efforts to search for an alternative to Zelenskyy.



The US may have to deploy troops to Ukraine if Kiev suffers a complete collapse against Russia, House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries has said.

In an interview with CBS News released on Sunday, the senior Democratic lawmaker stressed the urgency of sending military aid to Ukraine, claiming that if those efforts failed, the US would potentially have to intervene directly in the conflict. 

“We can’t let Ukraine fall because if it does, then there’s a significant likelihood that America will have to get into the conflict – not simply with our money, but with our servicewomen and our servicemen,” Jeffries said.

This stance, however, contradicts the long-standing policy of US President Joe Biden, who reiterated last month that he was “determined” not to send American troops to Ukraine. He noted that Kiev had so far not requested direct military intervention from Washington, expressing the belief that it could win the conflict with Russia if the US “stand[s] with Ukraine and provide[s] the weapons it needs to defend itself.” 

Meanwhile, Jeffries claimed that US efforts to support Ukraine, including pushing a new $61 billion assistance package through Congress, had been stymied by what he called a “pro-Putin faction” within the Republican Party.

He singled out Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has called for funds to be used for domestic needs, rather than sent to Ukraine. Greene has insisted she “does not have any sympathy for… Russia” and that she is “only loyal to a single country: the United States of America.” 

Jeffries’ comments about possible US intervention come after French President Emmanuel Macron refused to rule out sending Western troops to Ukraine. Last week, he suggested that Western nations “would legitimately have to ask [them]selves” whether they should deploy their militaries to the embattled country “if the Russians were to break through the front lines, [and] if there were a Ukrainian request.” Macron has further insisted that rhetoric of “strategic ambiguity” could project strength and deter Russia.

In response, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov suggested on Sunday that the French leader was “breathing caveman Russophobia” in the hope of using this sentiment to become the de-facto leader of the EU.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov warned in late February that the deployment of NATO troops to Ukraine would make a direct conflict between Russia and the US-led military bloc “inevitable.” 

In the meantime, the Russian military has reported steady progress on the battlefield, capturing several settlements in Donbass in recent weeks.



The Orwellian rules-based climate     By Andrew Glikson



War ─ the mass sacrifice of young generations throughout history, culminating in the barbarism of empires such as the Roman “Pax Romana”, represents the repeated collapse of sanity with transient intervals such as the League of Nationsbetween WWI and the impotent United Nations. More recent bloodsheds such as the Korean, Viet Nam, Rwandan and Middle Eastern wars, along with global heating and nuclear proliferation, herald the collapse of a species dominated by tribalism and the hubris of the 24-hour media cycle ─ A tale full of sound and fury told by an idiot signifying nothing (Macbeth, Shakespeare).

In a human civilisation dominated by mega-empires, armed to the teeth with planet-killer weapons, ruled by military juntas, industrial military complexes, Earth-poisoning energy corporations, multi-billionaires and media tycoon, the concept of “democracy” provides a fig leaf covering exploitation, repression and massacres.

The potential consequences of a nuclear war appear to have escaped the mainstream media attention. There is little evidence of peace negotiations between the major adversaries and measures of averting accidental conflagrations, whether human error or the failure of a computer chip, have been minimised. Having betrayed the prospect of a peaceful future, the warring parties keep investing in $trillion-scale re-armament, covered by sophisticated terms such as self-defence, stability and the rules-based international order.

[P]urporting a climate catastrophe can be averted by development of alternative energy despite a rise in the production of fossil fuels, growing emission of greenhouse gases (~4 ppm/year in 2023-2024), the rise in global temperatures toward +4 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels and the spate of extreme weather events. A nuclear armada aimed at all advanced life is expanded into space while the young generation is occupied with Tik-Tok games.

According to climate science authorities (Hansen et al., 2016) “Burning all fossil fuels would create a different planet than the one that humanity knows. The paleo-climate record and ongoing climate change make it clear that the climate system would be pushed beyond tipping points, setting in motion irreversible changes, including ice sheet disintegration with a continually adjusting shoreline, extermination of a substantial fraction of species on the planet, and increasingly devastating regional climate extremes”.

According to Baronsky et al. (2017) “Localised ecological systems are known to shift abruptly and irreversibly from one state to another when they are forced across critical thresholds. Here we review evidence the global ecosystem as a whole can react in the same way and is approaching a planetary-scale critical transition as a result of human influence.” and “Climates found at present on 10–48 % of the planet are projected to disappear within a century … The mean global temperature by 2070, or possibly a few decades earlier, will be higher than it has been since the human species evolved”.

Nor would the oceans fare better. According to Veron (2008): “The five mass extinction events that the earth has so far experienced have impacted coral reefs as much or more than any other major ecosystem. Each has left the Earth without living reefs for at least four million years, intervals so great that they are commonly referred to as ‘reef gaps’. The prospect of ocean acidification is potentially the most serious of all predicted outcomes of anthropogenic carbon dioxide increase. This study concludes that acidification has the potential to trigger a sixth mass extinction event and to do so independently of anthropogenic extinctions that are currently taking place.

Alas a majority of the world’s 8.1 billion humans is only partly aware of the looming demise of human civilisation in the wake of its near to 10 millennia history and of the mass extinction of advanced species, allowing the “powers that be” to perpetrate the biggest crime against humanity and nature in history



stultus Baerbock...

Xi ‘s Trip to Europe & Ukraine Pulling out US Tanks! Conversation with Larry Johnson!






german bombs.....

Something Just Changed: MSM Airs REAL Criticism About German Weapons For Israel!


On April 18, 2024, Germany's NDR (on a national broadcasting network) aired a critical report about Germany's arms deliveries to Israel, which not only critiques Israel for its human rights violations in Gaza but also closely examines Germany's complicity in it. The images shown, evidence collected by the reporting team in the form of IDF footage, as well as the discussed documents made publicly accessible by Bundestag member Sevim Dagdelen, speak volumes, even though the International Court of Justice recently did not decide to halt these arms deliveries in its first judgment on the Nicaragua v. Germany case.







East German's REMEMBER What The Last Propaganda Regime Was About | Prof. Dan Bednarz


[Part 1 of 2] Today I’ve got Dan Bednarz with me who wrote a very interesting book titled, “East German Intellectuals and the Unification of Germany”: An Ethnographic View.

This book is quite cool for four reasons: First, usually it’s the Europeans who go out into the world and then do ethnographic and anthropological studies of the non-whites to understand how they function and what they do. And here we haven an American who does this to the Germans, so it is an outsider view of East and West German society, trying to understand these groups.

Secondly, the book does something you don’t read or see often in German publishing landscape; it takes the East German experience serious. Especially that of intellectuals, who witnessed what was happening to “their” Germany during the re-unification process in the 1990s very ambivalently.

Third, it is also a very interesting long term study, because Dan first observed Germany right before the wall fell, then talked to these East German intellectuals, and then came back in 2014 to follow up with them 24 years later.

And finally, the book links-up with today where we clearly see different electoral preferences in Germany where the AfD is most strong in East Germany, and East-Germans seem to me also to be way, more critical of media narratives.





the price of kebabs....


FROM Andrei Martyanov's Blog


And don't tell me that this is not important. Remove shawarma from Russia and what do you have? Right — the crisis of national existence. So, in Germany the whole thing with doner kebab finally reached the highest level of politcal discussion. 


Germany’s Left party has suggested that the state subsidize doner kebabs to the tune of almost €4 billion per year. Inflation and rising energy costs have nearly doubled the price of the Turkish snack staple in recent years. In a policy paper seen by German tabloid Bild and reported on Sunday, the Left proposed capping the price of a doner kebab at €4.90 or €2.50 for students, young people, and those on low incomes. With the cost of a kebab now averaging €7.90, the government would pick up the rest of the tab, the paper states. “A kebab price cap helps consumers and kebab shop owners. If the state adds three euros for every kebab, the kebab price cap would cost almost four billion,” the party wrote in the paper, explaining that around 1.3 billion kebabs are eaten in Germany every year. “When young people demand: Olaf, make the kebab cheaper, it’s not an internet joke, but a serious cry for help,” Left party executive Kathi Gebel told Bild, referring to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. “The state must intervene so that food does not become a luxury item.”


This is important. No jokes. But look where the problem originated from.


Many Germans blame Scholz for depriving them of cheap kebabs. “I pay eight euros for a doner,” a protester shouted at Scholz in 2022, before imploring the chancellor to “talk to [Russian President Vladimir] Putin, I would like to pay four euros for a doner, please.”


Yep, this is the price for cutting ties with Russia and the rise in energy prices. But Putin is too busy now with his new term and forming the government, so kebab affairs in Germany are not on his mind, plus Germany did it to itself. In the end, Russia, who is now dramatically tightening her immigration policies will have her own situation between legal and illegal shawarma. But who would ever thought that Russia will unleash treacherous kebab wars on Germany. This issue, in the long run, may topple Scholz's government. Good riddance...



Was Difficult To Imagine Otherwise. 

Pretty clear.  

МОСКВА, 7 мая - РИА Новости. Переговоры России с Украиной возможны на условиях Москвы, при этом готовности как Киева, так и его западных кураторов к переговорному процессу пока не видно, заявил РИА Новости лидер ЛДПР Леонид Слуцкий. "Возможны - на наших условиях. Украина и нацистская идеология, носителем которой этот марионеточный режим является, проигрывает. Поэтому если они готовы к переговорам на наших условиях - полная денацификация, демилитариация и многое другое, что мы уже выдвигали как требование в 2022 году - в этом случае, можно об этом думать", - сказал Слуцкий РИА Новости в ответ на вопрос, возможны ли, на его взгляд, переговоры с Украиной. Он отметил, что пока еще действует указ Владимира Зеленского, который ему самому запрещает любые переговоры.Translation: MOSCOW, May 7 - RIA Novosti. Negotiations between Russia and Ukraine are possible on Moscow’s terms, while the readiness of both Kyiv and its Western curators for the negotiation process is not yet visible, LDPR leader Leonid Slutsky told RIA Novosti. “Possible - on our terms. Ukraine and the Nazi ideology, of which this puppet regime is the bearer, is losing. Therefore, if they are ready to negotiate on our terms - complete denazification, demilitarization and much more, which we have already put forward as a demand in 2022 - in In this case, we can think about it,” Slutsky told RIA Novosti in response to the question whether, in his opinion, negotiations with Ukraine are possible. He noted that Vladimir Zelensky’s decree is still in force, which prohibits him from any negotiations. I want to remind people who continuously worry about Russia somehow yielding to combined West and starting negotiations. Apart from the obvious ad nauseam statements from Moscow that the West is not ready to negotiate, keep in mind this critical clause--with the consideration of the realities on the ground(c). This is critical, because this is the condition which terrifies West (nobody counts 404 and what it wants), because it is the doorway to de jure unconditional surrender. I am not talking about just geography, I am talking about operational-strategic situation on the theater of operations and we know now that the West exhausted its resources completely. It was de-fanged in the most brutal and merciless manner. It still can send a few tanks or artillery pieces here and there, but proverbial COFM (Correlation of Forces and Means) is decisively on Russia's side.  Now another set of lamentations follows. Walter Russell Mead demonstrates yet again that all those "shiny" degrees in "strategy" from any US higher learning institutions aren't worth shit and are nothing more than degrees in hodgepodge collection of military-political facts, much of which are not even facts at all. Walter Russel Mead is a classic example of such ignoramus--a requirement for writing for WSJ. The Houthis May Embolden Beijing. In the Indo-Pacific, doubts emerge that the U.S. can manage simultaneous crises. Seriously? Somebody has to explain to those "academics" that it is fucking 2024 and not 1924 with those magnificent iron ships of the line with their 16 inch guns blowing the shit out of defenseless tribes. The United States wanted the war — she's got one. Technological reality is a bitch and two can play the game of proxies. If you know what I mean. Recall this wonderful definition of the change in the negotiating position: SEE VIDEO.....