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a geopolitical tool of the first order.....

Warfare is a geopolitical tool of the first order; only wars of scale can measure the real strength of nations. For decades American claims of hegemony, and by extension that of the West, have been based on what has now proved to be a carefully constructed mythology of economic and military supremacy. This is Andrei Martyanov’s fourth book addressing this issue, now as it concerns the war in Ukraine. In America’s Final War, he lays out in detail the underpinning causes and extent of its self-deception. 


by  Andrei Martyanov 

coordinated efforts to influence and censor online content.....

While the Democratic party melts down over Joe Biden’s cognitive decline – an obvious risk to US national security, the 2024 election wouldn’t be complete without a Trump-Russia narrative.

To that end, the Wall Street Journal reports that the Russian government has launched a ‘whole-of-government” effort to influence the US presidential election in favor of Donald Trump – who, for some reason, Russia held off on invading Ukraine while he was president (and ostensibly wouldn’t have sent $175 billion and counting in US aid to combat).


mix of surveillance, measurement, psychological tricks, targets, incentives, sloganeering.....

Behold, now behemoth … Behold, he drinketh up a river … The Book of Job, 40: 15 and 23.

‘Most of us don’t know 95 percent of what Amazon is doing,’ Amy Webb warns in her The Big Nine (2019). While Amazon Prime is diverting audiences with its rom-com, The Idea of You, the Australian Signals Directorate is paying Amazon Web Services two billion dollars to store secrets in three locations on the Cloud with a golden lining for Amazon which holds the largest slice globally, at around a third.


The Bezosmoth    By Humphrey McQueen


(Will the ASD sites need Dutton’s nuclear plants to power them?)

but no magic pill for joe biden.....

Pharma-Funded Republican Comes Out Swinging Against Medical Debt Cancellation
Sen. Bernie Sanders, by contrast, argued that "we must cancel all medical debt" and "move to Medicare for All."

A Republican senator heavily bankrolled by the pharmaceutical industry spoke out Thursday against calls to cancel medical debt, arguing that wiping out a financial burden saddling 100 million Americans "is not a solution."




unnecessary and intolerable transfusion to make NATO survive......

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - NATO declares the right to use force anywhere in the world, whether under the pretext of democracy or battling terrorism, Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov has said, summarizing the results of the NATO summit that has ended in Washington.

"The states of 'golden billion' want to keep in a squeezed state and suck the juices from all regions of the world. For the sake of imposing neocolonial orders, NATO actually declares the right to use force anywhere on the planet, whether under the pretext of exporting democracy, protecting human rights or fighting terrorism," Antonov told journalists on Thursday.

a deliberate silly stupid dangerous attempt by blinken to provoke russia...

Professor John Mearsheimer delivers an incisive analysis of the ongoing crisis in Ukraine and its implications for the region and the world. In this compelling discussion, Prof. Mearsheimer examines the factors leading to Ukraine's potential collapse, the geopolitical stakes, and the broader ramifications for international stability. Don't miss this critical exploration of one of today's most urgent global issues.


Prof. John Mearsheimer: Ukraine Collapsing






a balancing act towards disaster......

Powell told lawmakers that he did not want "to be sending any signals about the timing of any future actions" on interest rates, a stance consistent with the chair's recent efforts to focus attention more on the evolution of economic data - and the possible choices the Fed might make in response - and less on firm guidance about what might happen on what timetable.
Still, with a Nov. 5 presidential election on the horizon and just two scheduled Fed meetings before it, Powell was quizzed by Democrats about the risks to the job market of not cutting rates soon, and by Republicans about the pain to households of inflation that remains above the central bank's 2% target.

american long-range missiles for germania....

Hosting US long-range missiles will allow Germany the opportunity to develop similar weapons of its own, Defense Minister Boris Pistorius has said.

Berlin and Washington announced at the end of the NATO summit in this week that US cruise missiles will be stationed in Germany from 2026. Deployment of such weapons would previously have been banned under the Cold War-era Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty, but Washington withdrew from the landmark agreement in 2019.

Speaking to the Deutschlandfunk broadcaster on Thursday, Pistorius expressed relief that US long-range missiles would be deployed in Germany, arguing that this would help cover a “serious loophole” in defense. He also expressed confidence that future US administrations would not reverse the decision.

what NATO says and what australia does are idiotic, dangerous and aggressive beyond belief.

Australia is promising $250 million worth of military aid for Ukraine, the largest single package it has provided for the country's defence against Russia to date.

NATO allies are also pledging more support, and calling on China to cease being an enabler of Russia's war.

of baguettes and circuses.....

This summer’s Paris Olympics must surmount some truly Olympian hurdles, the chief of which, if our friends in Estonian Intelligence are to be believed, is Vladimir Putin’s disinformation efforts. Although it is anyone’s guess why Russia would want to play spoilsport to a series of games that seem destined for economic failure, more to the point is why Estonia, a country of just over a million people, would be able to obtain that information, where the vastly superior intelligence forces of the United States and France could not.


This summer’s Paris Olympics risks descending into a French farce

a poor tool in representing the real political demographics ....

It’s hard to completely fathom what happened in the UK with the general elections which installed Sir Keir Starmer, a lawyer by training, into Downing Street. Certainly, two key aspects of July 4th were critical though. One, a low voter turnout with many Tory voters simply staying at home; and, secondly, a protest vote from the conventional Tory voters either to Labour – in great numbers – and to some extent fringe parties like Reform UK.


Who exactly is Sir Keir Starmer? George Smiley being jointly run by Israel and U.S.?

    BY Martin Jay


a "danger" we should embrace: multipolarity....

In the transition to a multipolar world, a number of questions arise on the level of theory, among which one of the main ones arises: does the triumph of multipolarism put an end to classical geopolitics, or not?

The father of the theory of the multipolar world, the Russian philosopher Aleksandr Dugin, did not correctly and completely formulate an answer to this question in the first phase of theoretical composition, as it was premature at the time to reason about the theory’s success scenarios. Today, however, an answer is urgently needed.


Does the triumph of multipolarism spell the end of classical geopolitics?

BY Lorenzo Maria PACINI


ugly aussie labor complicity with the long noses......

The appointment of Jillian Segal, immediate past president of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, as Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s new ‘Anti-Semitism Envoy‘ is a response to the demands of a powerful lobby, designed to conceal Australia’s collusion with the beyond belief cruelties imposed by Israel on the Palestinian people. “There can be no ceasefire until every hostage has been released,” Segal stated in November; joining with the Zionist Federation of Australia to criticise the foreign affairs minister, Penny Wong, for saying “we all want to take the next steps towards a ceasefire” in Gaza.


objects/subjects of anglo-saxon manipulation....

Ydinaseiden käyttö on edelleen ehdoton tabu Venäjän johdolle, mutta se ei näytä olevan sitä lännelle, joka on valmis käyttämään kaikkia keinoja muuttaakseen meneillään olevan, vuosisataisen hybridisodan suuntaa, sekä geopoliittisen suuren pelin asetelmaa. Näin uskoo venäläinen ekonomisti ja analyytikko Mihail Deljagin.


 Markku Siira


The use of nuclear weapons remains an absolute taboo for the Russian leadership, but does not seem to be so for the West, which is ready to use any means to change the direction of the century-long hybrid war and the configuration of the great geopolitical game. This is what Russian economist and analyst Mikhail Delyagin thinks.

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