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Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce says Campbell Newman’s decision to quit Queensland’s Liberal National Party is not politically brave and is timed to damage the party.

The former Queensland premier resigned from the LNP and his position as party trustee on Sunday after its annual conference, saying he was “dismayed” with both the state and federal arms of the party.

Mr Newman accused the LNP of failing to stand up for individual freedom and small businesses amid a “heavy-handed” response to COVID-19.



























A thick, dark blue stripe runs across one of the flood maps of Erftstadt – subcatchment Erft, map sheet B002 – in the western German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. 


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With prosecutors seeking a maximum sentence, Hale delivered a powerful handwritten letter describing his motivations to the court.



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As you know from reading this site, you are an idiot if you believe in conspiracy theories… and you are an idiot if you believe there are no conspiracies anywhere…


So it’s quite hard to make the difference between defined conspiracies because most of them are secret and the conspiracy theories that float on the loony pond. And there is no rule of thumb. Even the best of news outlets fall for the trap. For example if you don’t believe that the war on Saddam (2003) was not set up as a conspiracy, you need to have your head examined. 


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 It was an off the cuff comment after a few drinks, delivered with a belly laugh from a then-senior minister a few years back.


















In 60 action-packed minutes, this world-first live documentary ... set[s] out to discover who is polluting Britain's rivers and why nobody is stopping them.


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Government agencies are flagging posts as “misinformation” for Facebook. Essentially telling internet companies who to censor. We’ve always suspected as much, but now they’ve actually admitted it.


















The Australian government granted exemptions for 75 foreign nationals with critical skills in religion or theology to enter the country in the first half of this year.

The Department of Home Affairs confirmed it issued the travel exemptions under the critical skills category, using the codes for minister of religion or religious assistant.

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Barnaby Joyce has likened agreeing to a policy of net-zero emissions by 2050 to going into a restaurant and ordering a meal without knowing what you are getting and how much it will cost.

The Coalition government has yet to formally agree to a 2050 target, but talks about being on a path to one.

But Mr Joyce, who recently returned to the leadership of the Nationals party and the role of deputy prime minister, has yet to be convinced.


Mr Joyce was asked on the ABC’s Insiders on Sunday if he supports a 2050 emissions target.


















I could be wrong but. 15 years ago I postulated on this site that “global warming was baloney”… We should consider  “GLOBAL HOTTING” instead. Over the years I have been following the debates and the arguments for and against in regard to this important subject. So I went back to my little red book to revisit my predictions. Some items have come to the fore:


A) The surface of the planet has not warmed as per the full blast of the theory.

        1. At this stage we know there is a lot of “mitigating” factors which I call “RETARDING FACTORS”. 

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Angela Merkel's last federal press conference: 'It was a pleasure'

German Chancellor Angela Merkel made her last ever appearance at the summer federal press conference, a tradition organized by a union of Berlin journalists. Many of the questions look back at her 16 years in office.


At one point during the conference, Angela Merkel stumbles over her words. The chancellor is asked where she will be on September 26 at 6 p.m., the evening of the German federal elections — and the end of her fourth and final term.

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The United States of America cannot maintain its declining power and influence in the world unless it can dominate Russia and China and it cannot dominate them so long as they are allied. Each of the two nations is a major world power, and China is soon to become, if it is not already, the dominant economic power.




















Prime Minister Scott Morrison has apologised for Australia’s vaccine rollout falling consistently short of its targets but insists some of the issues were out of his control.

Mr Morrison had repeatedly refused to say sorry for the bungled immunisation program, which is lagging behind most of the developed world.

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During the summer (Winter in Australia), we continue the publication in episodes of Thierry Meyssan’s book, Before Our Very Eyes. In this episode, the chemical attack in Ghouta and the Western hesitations up to the financing of Daesh.



From false accusations to the real massacre


by Thierry Meyssan



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