Thursday 25th of April 2024

The Brainwashing of Adelaide (and Melbourne)

The excellent article brilliantly parodies the level of banality of the brainwashing campaign in both cities.

In Adelaide, all articles relating to the destroyer bid have the logo "Brack Off" beside them.

The following paragraph from another Age story is not a parody, but a fair account: 

"For some odd reason a gang from Murdoch's Adelaide Advertiser has stormed the Yarra village, pushing the barrow for SA in the battle for the warships tender. They hung around the Spring Street Asylum until they spotted Emperor Bracks, then presented him with a "Brack-off" T-shirt. The Advertiser hack presenting the garment was Craig Bildstien, the former Lib MP whose parliamentary career in Mildura came to a shuddering halt in 1996, thanks to a 20 per cent swing. Second thing noted was that the garment he handed over was "made in China". A helpful Bracks henchman told us: "We would be happy to recommend one of the fine textile manufacturers here in Victoria."

(Susan Carbone, Laurence Money, The Age 10/5/05))

The reason for the presence of the Tiser journos was so they could have their photos taken to accompany this front page story.

Note: Mr Bildstien, in pre-Advertiser days , was also a spin
doctor for Foreign Affairs Parliamentary Secretary Chris Gallus when he
wrote the media release
of an implicitly "South Australian based company", Halliburton, receiving Ausaid contracts, The expression "Brack Off" first saw print in The Age in March '04.

If you believed what has been printed lately, diplomatic
relations between Melbourne and Adelaide are similar to those between
Washington and Moscow in the Cold War

Did anyone see the this years's finale for Monarch Of The Glen? In it,
the new laird was taught that by fighting for his title he became
worthy of it. This style of conditioning, I believe, is what is being
applied to the public of both states, but moreso South Australia, which
doesn't have such a visibly active defence facility as the Williamstown
naval dockyard..

Whichever city wins the contract (or both, if Tenix builds the hulls at Williamstown and outfits them in
Adelaide) will feel satisfaction and cultural pride in their State's
We have even been given an international rival (Northrop Grunman) to demonstrate the worth of the prize we would be vieing for.

Sadly, the hype seems to be working. Wait till you see the jubilation after next Tuesday's planned announcement.

In Adelaide, we all know it's impossible to brainwash Melbournians... .. that attempt at humour might have been funny if the situation was not quite so piteous.