Tuesday 25th of June 2024

One of the Twenty Million Citizens Taking an Active Stand (Peter Peridis)

Hello fellow Australians. I've just started reading this book and I must say it reaffirms to me that what I am about to do is right. I have had enough of seeing our Australian Democracy ripped to shreds. So I will be taking to the air waves and doing my part as an Australian Citizen hoping to make a difference. As I go through each chapter I intend to make a comment about how I felt reading it and what I know from first hand experience. I was a Royal Australian Navy member and have a working knowledge as to how the 'system' works to blind and distract outsiders whilst all along working in the background to achieve a self motivated dark future. So far Australians have been taken for fools. We cannot allow ourselves to become fools. Stand up and be heard. Don't want to risk causing waves but you are 'pissed off' with our direction? That's fine. You don't have to cause waves. You only need to practice filling in a voting preference and make your vote count!! If you are reading my input, I thank you. I hope, in the end, I can help make a difference. God Bless Australia Peter