Sunday 21st of July 2024

The Other Howard ()

The rise (and fall) of Howard Dean in the US was a bewildering example of people power. His campaign may well have stalled, but John Kerry has stolen many of his best ideas, especially in relation to internet activism and generating real public interest in democracy.

Joe Trippi was the brains behind the Dean campaign. He now runs his own blog and has written a book on the rise of the internet as a tool for true democratic change.

In this interview, Trippi explains the philosophy behind the Dean campaign and how he believes Dean proves that with a group of dedicated contributors, an increasing number of citizens will participate. 'I think that's what we need to do', says Trippi. 'Build an active community, a community that's actively involved in policy and the future of the country. I mean, if we had two or three million Americans that were active, just look at the money! If they each gave $100, you'd have $200-300 million, which would totally turn upside down the way politics is funded.'

NHJ has similar goals here. Your encouragement and support thus far is proving that a growing number of Australians want to bring the American example here and reclaim our democracy. 'I don't believe we are in the information age, we are in the empowerment age', says Trippi.

Something comparable is more than possible here.