Friday 24th of May 2024

you've got to change your evil ways, baby .....

‘America needs to drop its obsession with being number one. It is time for the United States to become a member of the world community rather than a murderous bully.


Obscene over-consumption has become a hallmark of the United States. While not all Americans fall prey to Madison Avenue's propaganda glamorising gluttony, many do.


People of other industrialized nations enjoy a respectable standard of living without consuming a quarter of the world's resources (while representing only 5% of the world's population).


Other nations face reprisals and penalties for the violation of international law. Without regard for justice, the United States wields international law like a club or blatantly defies it, depending on what best suits American interests at the time.


Ongoing support of repressive regimes (like Saudi Arabia's) to further America's economic interests, unflinching support of its proxy military enforcer in the Middle East (Israel), disregard for the plight of the Palestinians, and hypocrisy over who gets to join the "nuclear club" are but a few more examples of how America's government engenders more abhorrence of America & invites continued terrorism.’


Redemption Within Reach for the American Empire