Monday 26th of September 2022

John Howard's Democracy (Lies A-mouldering)

The concepts that were considered in relation to regime survival in Latin America in political science professor Andrea Scheller's 2001 paper on democratic consolidation,  can be applied to John Howard's methodology in creating his personal legacy.

The thrust of the argument was that for a democracy to be deemed sufficiently culturally entrenched to survive indefinitely it would need to demonstrate the ability to endure signifigant levels of attack.

 This line of reasoning is not far removed in ideaology from the aggressive proliferation of US democracy that the globe is currently experiencing.

Is it possible that Usama and his "band of evil henchmen" are actually doing democracy a favour? Consider the quantity of cultural adrenalin that has been injected into Western society through the recent attacks upon it. A previously unexperienced level of ethical Darwinism has been thrust upon us, and we are now to be forced to choose how our way of life will endure.

How our government, and those of the US and UK, engage in regime protection may result in activities perceivable as regime change by self-generated cultural evolution.

Implementation of such a procedure should be subject to the utmost of scrutinisation.