Wednesday 27th of October 2021

Immigration Minister supports Halliburton "Australian Slave Trade" Denial

Senator Vanstone will need to look after Halliburton. They're the quickest way to generate a globally-competitive population increase.

I'm extrapolating from the story in tomorrow's Australian:


IMMIGRATION Minister Amanda Vanstone has rejected claims construction company Halliburton Australia exploited Indonesian workers hired to work in the South Australian desert.

The Adelaide Advertiser newspaper reported that the company, a subsidiary of US giant Halliburton, had paid the Indonesians as little as $40 a day.

The newspaper said Australian co-workers had claimed the Indonesians, who were digging ditches in the outback, were made to work 80 days straight and were given poor accommodation.

The Muslim men were also served meals laced with pork, it was claimed.

In a statement today,

Senator Vanstone said four Indonesian workers employed at the Cooper Basin gas operation were receiving appropriate payment for their work.

"I have been advised by my department, which has checked with the sponsor - Halliburton Australia - that the men were in fact being paid an appropriate salary," Senator Vanstone said.

"Reports that the overseas workers were only being paid $40 and $80 per day are grossly inaccurate.

"I'm told these figures are in fact day bonuses, which were being paid in addition to the men’s' salaries."

Is Vanstone authenticating the accuracy of her information, or will she leave it alone so that she has a loophole at the inquiry?  Or did she just follow the official response from Halliburton Houston?

 It looks to me as if somebody in DIMIA read the Halliburton statement and passed it on to Amanda as "Policy".