Tuesday 13th of April 2021

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From the ABC

PM declines Cole invitation

The Prime Minister says there is nothing
more that Government Ministers can offer the Cole Inquiry.

today, Commissioner Terence Cole issued an invitation for anyone with
information about kickbacks or the Iraqi oil-for-food scandal to appear before
his inquiry. He made special mention of Members of Parliament and public

am extending a specific invitation to any Member of Parliament, any member of
the media, any public servant, or any member of the public who believes that
they have information relevant to this aspect of the inquiry to provide any
such information to those assisting me," he said. 

inquiry has also called for any information about an Iraqi wheat deal involving
companies BHP and Tigris. 

Howard says the Government has handed over everything already.

"I mean, what more can I say?" he said. "I've given him my
documents, he's got my file, he's got Mr Downer's file, he's got the Defence
Minister's file, he's got the Attorney-General's file, he's given notices to
produce to all these government departments - and let him do his job." 

the Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer, continues to insist that no-one in his
department knew about kickbacks to Iraq, despite revelations in a document
presented to the Cole inquiry. The document shows that an Australian diplomat
at the United Nations called Bronte Moules sent a question about trucking fees
back to the Foreign Affairs Department.