Friday 24th of May 2024

Halliburton's Australian Defence Work (From The Horse's Mouth)

 Have a look at Halliburton's proud involvement in defending Australia

Our Projects include:

KBR provided advice to Coastwatch, an Australian Customs Service
division, during its ongoing consultation with industry on future
capabilities. [Note Coastwatch now shares the JORN radar system with the US Missile Shield]

Patrol Boat Replacement

KBR is providing ongoing support to this Australian Navy capability acquisition project.

Joint Project 126
KBR provided a full study team to this Australian Defence Force Theatre
Distribution System project. Our team completed the project definition
study that will be used as the basis for the project's future scope and

Project Echidna
KBR is delivering long-term assistance to this large Australian defence
electronic warfare project, including acquisition strategy, tender
evaluation, systems engineering and planning support.

Land 134
KBR provided tender preparation and evaluation services as well as
integrated logistics support services to the Combat Training Centre
Live Simulation Range Instrumentation and Information System project.

KBR delivered systems engineering, integrated logistics support and
project management for the Australian Army's trunk communications

Training Services

Already a major project training solution leader through its contract
to develop and conduct the training program for the Australian Army's
Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter, KBR is now a Registered Training
Organisation and a significant Asia Pacific provider of military
training services through its acquisition of Total Logistics Management

Project Management Training
KBR's training services team is currently contracted to deliver a range
of project management courses to the Australian Department of Defence.
These include:

  • generic project management
  • tender evaluation and source selection
  • contract management
  • acquisition planning
  • concept development

Australian Defence Contracting Training
KBR's training services team designs and develops Australian Defence
Contracting training courses in both the strategic materiel and support

Integrated Logistic Support Training
KBR's training services team delivers integrated logistics support
training to the Department of Defence. Currently, the training is
delivered in Australia and, through the Defence Cooperation Program, to
countries such as Thailand, the Philippines and Malaysia. ILS and
project management training is also delivered on a commercial basis to
clients in Brunei, Malaysia and New Zealand.