Thursday 1st of December 2022

Welcome South Australia, the Halliburton-Driven Engine Of The World

Reading the Chinese Premier's toast to Australain PM Howard today, I felt someone walk over my grave.  The knowledge that Halliburton's railway line is suddenly going to worth a large fortune as the overland transport system for China-bound uranium didn't come as a suprise- there's enough pieces of the jigsaw puzzle in place now to see good glimpses of the picture. 

An omen of hope came through today, a new suburb for Adelaide was announced, and for a change Halliburton hasn't got the infrastructure job- in fact nobody has.  The local council in which this State Government driven southward expansion of Adelaide will be located expressed suprise that the land was declared available to the public  before the infrastrujcture was plotted. 

Does this mean that in new planning deals Halliburton won't be getting the jobs, or was this just a warning shot by a Government that is comparatively free from corporate influence for another eight years?  Perhaps our public representatives are sick of a  chess game in which the corporate pawns are reaching the other side of the board  (South Australia) and becoming queen's bishops and castles in ttheir power-levels of ablity to coerce the reshaping of the States' destiny to their own desires..  With rose-colored glasses firmly in place, I  hope so.

Howvever, in this world of media-timed  announcements, perhaps the State Government doesn\t want the name of the infrastucture designers in the press just right now, thereby  avoiding a too-obvious puzzle-piece being lplaced.  A US Corporation laying down the drone-caverns for the defence and mining requirements would not look good in print next to the announcement of China becoming and Australian uranium buyer, and our Labor Party's sweeping aside the Three Mine Policy as an obsolete myth. 

As I write this I begin to wonder if the nature of the Bush Howard and Rann visits to India were, in the hindisght of our preparedness to sell radioactivitey to another particularly large population, a chess-move that would mean that the only way for India to participate in half of the world's future energy supply would be to send its population to the energy source, and thus supply the increased population supply necessary to get the supply-chain to peak operational capacity. 

As discussed earlier, it's not as if KBR aren't heavily involved in Adelaide's  southern and south-eastern expansion already.  However in the current media climate where the company's rip-offs in Iraq are gracing the pages of the national print media (except in Murdoch's Adelaide) and the company begins to make itself available to profit-taking by investment groups


to be continued