Sunday 14th of July 2024

reselling our rissoles .....


From the SMH ….. 

Mike Carlton 

sharemarket has been going gangbusters lately, although not for us mugs who
were conned into buying Telstra shares, which have tanked. 

So I
was interested to read an editorial in London's Financial Times last
Monday, headed "How not to privatise". 

of Telstra was supposed to be a crowning triumph of John Howard's fourth term
as Prime Minister. Instead, the plan has become a political embarrassment. It
is now in danger of turning into a rout," the paper said. After a swipe at
the Telstra boss, Sol Trujillo, the Times returned to the Government,
whose "inept performance has already tarnished its much-vaunted reputation
for decisiveness and competence", it went on. There was much more. 

far, not a peep about this from the Minister for Finance, Senator Nick Minchin,
who, you should know, is also planning to steal Medibank Private from us, its
rightful owners.’ 

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