Thursday 30th of March 2023

Space Boat People

"To work for the dole" The Abbott spake "you'll sail towards the stars.  

There's no job left for you on Earth, you'll have to go to Mars.

The driftwood is shifted as soon as you're lifted, there'll be no sympathisers, 

for long it's been known that the bad seeds sown make brilliant colonisers."

At a pub in Spaceport Woomera the Goverment insisted

that the folks departing offworld on vodka got quite plastered

For while their bodies travel stacked in cryogenic freezers

the antifreeze of Vodka to the soul is just like Jesus.

That pub had people drinking there from al across the world

drinking toasts to say goodbye to anything they'd loved.

"Last drinks!"the barman shouted as he banged upon a bell

So we formed in lines and marched toward our Interplanetary Hell.

One step up to the City Ship that would sail us all away

to see if humankind survives when treading alien clay

And as we finally stagger into waiting shuttle drones

we notice that there's less of us, and much more of the clones.