Sunday 16th of June 2024

Kovco, Halliburton- where does it end?

 I started writing about Kovco days before his body was misplaced, and before Defence Minister Nelson changed stories. Looking at the blatant levels of military propaganda in the  reports at the time, I felt that a cover-up was underway.  I still do.

Why all the trouble and effort by the Army and Government?  If the bloke was, as the "official" version is beginning to "reveal" clowning around miming a Cranberries song (most likely Zombie) then why did the military spinners rush out the Australain flag and Lord's prayer stories?  In a situation considered important enough to have radio bulletins and TV pictures of the body leaving Bagdad, how could anyone possibly create a situation in which the body goes missing?

We now know the room wasn't forensically inspected by MP's for five days after the death, during which time the room was scrubbed and other soldiers' personal effects removed, apparently at the request of the Commander of Australian forces in Iraq.  We know the body was washed.   And then hey presto the disappearing act.

The soldier who accompanied Kovco's body claims that the Australian embassy official was carrying a copy of Kovco's passport details.  The Bosnian had a beard.  I can understand an upset soldier making a mistake in poor light, but not our Aussie diplomat.

I now begin to wonder if the rattled soldier's state of mind wasn't preyed upon.  I shudder at the thought that Soldier 2 was coerced into the misidentification. However, it's still a possibility that needs consideration.

What is still amazing to me that nobody has asked Halliburton for comment about how they lost their contractor.  All the yellow ribbons in the world are meaningless if you're hiding the fact that you lost a worker's body.  Maybe such mishaps are so commonplace that they don't make it to the Halliburton website.  However, if I was the wife of a Texan trucker working in Iraq. I wouldn't be too happy reading about this situation.

All possibilities as to what has occurred need to be examined.  I reiterate that I still believe a cover-up is being enacted, and I have a horrible feeling that it is happening on Halliburton's behalf.