Tuesday 25th of June 2024

the Von Trump Syndrome ...

the Von Trump Syndrome ...

The real kicker in the long run is Shorten and Turnbull supporting the insane Von Trump family who are intent on running the US middle class and poor into the ground while saving themselves by joining the inner circle of US war mongers driven by an out of control Military Industrial Complex. He is not simply “Clinton Light” … he is now Clinton’s clone.

Morality? What is that while left and right are fawning to the gods of neo-liberalism and neo-conservatism driven by insane religious magical and mythical fantasy? The masters of redistribution and inequality are not winning – they have won as progressives fall into a morass of despair driven by the most biased government and private media this country has ever seen.

The fact that the gas attack in Syria mirrors the WMD Iraq fiasco demonstrates the media has learned nothing, in fact, they have been paid to unlearn how to get at the facts. The Middle East is in ruins simply to satiate the Zionist apartheid right-wing fanaticism in Israel.

Make no mistake about it, Australia is complicit in the most brutal cause of global military hegemony that is geared to one thing and one thing alone – war and full spectrum dominance. Do we really want to be dominated by this insanity? Over one thousand US bases world-wide. Give me a break then they call it a defence budget. How more offensive can you get?

Malcolm Fraser warned us to disengage from the US. What we are seeing is a reflection of irrational unscientific insanity driven by a bunch of scientifically illiterate narcissists and war mongers as ordinary citizens live in a media bubble of lies and disinformation. Now they have turned real news into fake news as Murdoch and IPA infiltrate the ABC.

I have seen nothing as disturbing as the current trend since the Vietnam War and rather than learn we have gone further down the rabbit hole.

John Lord and Kaye Lee, I admire your continual effort to make sense of these circumstances and lead us out of this morass with common sense and objective critique, however the dogs of inequity, immorality, environmental degradation and war are still well and truly upon us.

Don’t get me wrong. I always have hope, however when things are rotten to the core the fight becomes more pressing and urgent. Thank you both for you excellent contributions.

War & Dominance