Tuesday 21st of March 2023

speaking truth to power ...

speaking truth to power ...

Sadly once again, yet another suicide bomber has acted his revenge on innocent people in Manchester. The predictable Nazi sock puppets are out on behalf of their corporate backers, screaming for more surveillance, greater military, and an increasing attack on the Muslim community at large. Same old crap, same old conservative hatred and spin.

The elephant in the room is Western Imperialism. It has completely decimated the Middle East, via bombing indiscriminately vast amounts of people, killing Iraqi children with drones, and deliberately poisoning their drinking water. Very few have benefited from the gross destruction in the Middle East. Iraqis haven’t, Syrians haven’t, Palestinians continue to be wiped off the face of the earth for the sick ideology of Zionism (corporate dollars hiding behind a nationalist/religious front).

Let me tell you who has benefitted … “people” such as Murdoch, Rothchild and Dick Cheney, via their Geanie Energy Company.

So it really comes as no surprise that all the Murdoch automatons are frantically trying to hide Murdoch’s Middle Eastern meddling and trying to put the blame on Muslims in general. The same old Nazi tactic. Use a minority as a scapegoat to protect the real criminals.

Let`s take a look at why Imperialism has created this hatred for the West. Yes, some disaffected radicals are using insane violence to target innocent people. How did it come to this? It all began after 9/11. When Iraq was first invaded, the people were decimated on a lie.

The U.S government openly LIED to the world by claiming that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. This was the excuse they needed to topple Saddam. He was not playing ball with the US financiers, so they needed a pretext to overthrow him. Viola, “Weapons of mass destruction”.

This is the same nonsense being played out against Syria … a democratically elected government who is in conflict with U.S financial interests over gas pipelines. But oh no, the mainstream media continues to perpetuate the lies and half truths that Assad is more evil man (than he probably is). The same garbage they used in order to rid us of Gadhafi, whose greatest crime was to drop the U.S dollar in favour of a new African currency.

The real evil emanates from Washington and the dozens of coups, assassinations and dirty wars they have fought over the past 70 years: Vietnam, Chile, Cuba, Al Salvador, Panama, Laos, Indonesia, Cambodia … the list goes on.

Anyone remotely cognisant with foreign policy knows the majority of the information coming out of Western-backed media is complete garbage. Non-corporate owned, independent media is much closer to the truth. Unfortunately, Nan and Pop grew up during the cold war and have a hatred for anything remotely socialist. They were conditioned at the time to believe in the mass media and their own government. We also have the problem of those who are insecure and have a hatred of foreigners. Perhaps their own life is not going too well, they may have suffered a job loss (Neoliberalism) or they feel threatened by the prospect of equity (Conservative propaganda fed to them daily).

Ironically, many of their problems stem from conservative government policies … limited access to universal education, job losses, earning potential diminished, cuts to mental health services etc.

Unfortunately, the very people that are destroying them via Neoliberalism are the same people who they trust. The only way the far-right can indoctrinate these unfortunate people is via fear. Ironically, terrorism is largely created by conservative foreign policy.

As revered academic, Noam Chomsky once said, “You can’t bomb your way to peace.” He is correct. Let’s put a hypothetical scenario forward. How would you as an Australian feel if the U.S decided that they want to take our resources and indiscriminately dropped bombs on your family and friends? Would you be angry? Is there a chance it would unhinge you and you may seek revenge?

Not only are the United States and by extension the Australian government killing innocent citizens and raping the national resources from Middle Eastern countries, the U.S are indirectly financing ISIS.

So to recap, the conservative manifesto includes Neoliberal austerity, cutting healthcare and social services, demonizing minorities (while attacking and stealing their resources overseas), and financing all sorts of rebel groups linked to ISIS.

Conservatives then have the gall to blame an entire religion for the acts of some extremists who were damaged by the Imperialism of the USA … which they fully support.

The hypocrisy and deceit is breathtaking.

The author makes no justification for the absolute horror inflicted on Western citizens by these radical ISIS psychopaths. But, if the U.S stopped rampaging through dozens of countries like marauding thugs we would not be in the situation we have now. The fearful and the less-educated have got to start doing their homework. This isn’t about Islam: ultimately this is all about hatred and revenge for what the West has done to the Middle East. Before the first invasion of Iraq, these terrorist attacks on the West were far less frequent.

These disturbed individuals are using “Islam” as a tool to recruit disaffected youths, much like the U.S uses “Christianity” to go to war with foreign nations and recruit disaffected American youth to fight the rich man`s battles.

Make no mistake; violence will just lead to more violence. Kick a dog all its life and it will become a vicious beast and attack you back. If one wants to get to the root cause of these terrorist atrocities, then one must expose the elephant in the room. That elephant is Western Imperialism. To ignore this is to become complicit in state sanctioned, corporate murder, which makes you no better than a supporter of ISIS. Unplug from the matrix!

Want to end terrorism? Then stop Western Imperialism