Thursday 30th of March 2023

Another Drunk Abo

Asleep on the floor with a pup in his arms 
in the free tram heading for town
The driver told him he'd have to get up 
as he gazed on him with a frown
As the tram trundled he got to a seat
and muttered while resting there
"Excuse me, will this give me a ride
across to Victoria Square?

"I've got a feed there waiting for me
at six at the Salvos' place
and maybe a bed for me and the dog
She doesn't take up much space
My pelvis broke, so I can't walk far
so here I am catching a ride
I mightn't have a lot I own
I still have my dog and my pride"

Down the line the security guards waited
arrogant pricks who failed to be cops
Told him he was breaking the rules
couldn't let him go three more stops
He and his pup were dragged to the platform
Left in the two degree night
and the passengers laughed at Another Drunk Abo

Things are still not right