Saturday 2nd of March 2024

the value of leaky laws .....

the value of leaky laws .....


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No anti-siphoning breach in AFL deal, says Howard

Prime Minister John Howard says the new AFL broadcasting deal does not breach anti-siphoning laws that are designed to make sure that key sporting events are shown on free-to-air television.

Under the new arrangement four live games will be shown on pay-TV each weekend, but viewers in some states will have to wait three hours to watch some matches on free-to-air television.

Today Mr Howard told Southern Cross Radio he understands why some fans feel put out by the delayed free-to-air coverage.

"It doesn't breach the anti-siphoning laws," Mr Howard said.

"It's a commercial deal involving the AFL and obviously that is a matter that ... people who are unhappy have got to pursue with the AFL.

"But I can understand a little bit of unease about it."

Federal Communications Minister Helen Coonan also says she understands the potential disappointment of fans.

"I do understand that there could be some disappointment that one more match than previously is to be shown on pay," she said.

"The important thing that the anti-siphoning list is observed and from the way in which I've understood this agreement the anti-siphoning list has well and truly been observed."

But Labor's communications spokesman Stephen Conroy was not convinced.

"They've structured a deal that in actual fact abuses the privilege that they have by owning the rights and being able to sell them in this way," he said.