Saturday 2nd of March 2024

frightening the natives .....


frightening the natives .....


from the ABC …..

Howard, Rudd attack Greens' coal policy

Prime Minister John Howard has criticised the Greens' coal policy, saying it would send a shiver up the spine of every coal miner in the country.

Similarly, federal Labor leader Kevin Rudd says the Greens' call for an end to coal exports is an absurd proposition.

The Greens said yesterday a plan to phase out the exporting of coal should be drawn up within the next three years.

"The longer Australia keeps its export fortunes tied to coal instead of investing in a new energy future, the more difficult and expensive will be the inevitable shift," Greens Senator Christine Milne said in a statement.

"We have plenty of other options, including solar thermal power, wind, biomass and geothermal. It's time to get on with creating more jobs and wealth from building these industries."

Greens leader Bob Brown said miners could be retrained to take up jobs in renewable energy industries.

But Mr Howard says the Greens' policy would cost thousands of jobs and there needs to be a balanced approach to the climate change debate.

"I think if you said to the coal industry, 'we are looking for alternative jobs for you', it will send a shiver up the spine of every coal miner in the country," he said.

"Why should they be made the sacrificial lamb for a knee-jerk reaction?"

Mr Rudd is equally scathing of the plans.

"Coal is part of Australia's long-term future. It also is part of a responsible strategy dealing with climate change," he said.

"Senator Brown's proposal to eliminate Australia's coal exports in three years' time is absurd and should not be supported by anyone within Australian politics."