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finché c’è guerra, c’è speranza...

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The origins of the Liberty Ship can be traced to a design proposed by the British in 1940. Seeking to replace wartime losses, the British placed contracts with US shipyards for 60 steamers of the Ocean class. These steamers were of simple design and featured a single coal-fired 2,500 horsepower reciprocating steam engine. While the coal-fired reciprocating steam engine was obsolete, it was reliable and Britain possessed a large supply of coal. While the British ships were being constructed, the US Maritime Commission examined the design and made alterations to lessen coast and speed construction.



This revised design was classified EC2-S-C1 and featured oil-fired boilers. The ship's designation represented: Emergency Construction (EC), a length of 400 to 450 feet at the waterline (2), steam-powered (S), and design (C1). The most significant change to the original British design was to replace much of the riveting with welded seams. A new practice, the use of welding decreased labor costs and required fewer skilled workers. Possessing five cargo holds, the Liberty Ship was intended to carry a cargo of 10,000 longs tons (10,200 tons). Featuring deck houses amidships and aft, each vessel was to have a crew of around 40 sailors. For defense, each ship mounted a 4" deck gun atop the after deck house. Additional anti-aircraft defenses were added as World War II progressed.




Liberty, once a honourable epithet, has turned into an aggressive, dubious US style of imposition of capitalism. We all (we all should) value freedom, though any freedom comes with restrictions of various strength, depending on the political system our country is under. For the USA, war has become a business of empire, under the banner of imposing freedom of political will on other country. This hypocritical desire is not about freedom, but about creating vassal states, some with ruthless dictators, some with royal families, and most with an americanisation of culture.


The subtle difference between “Freedom” and “Liberty” in English has already be explored on this site. In some other language, there is no two words to express the concept.


Let's explore the LOGISTICS of war.


Though we’re at general peace, there are countries, some created by various accidents of European conquests, of ethnicity conglomerates, and some that were created to allocate their resources by colonialism to various other interests, such as oil to BP, Standard Oil, Total, etc… The Middle East through WW1 and WW2 became a region of the world, where the borders having been created artificially, where nonetheless recognised by the United Nations. At the Middle East is still "at war" because of the Americans, mostly.


It has been the intent of the successive US administration to reshape the countries of the Middle East (and Africa) to suit the US empire. The Rumsfeld/Cebrowski plan for the Middle East is part of this restructuring. For four years, Donald Trump disregarded this plan and went on different phases of economic plunder, not understanding the desire of countries such as Turkey to invade say part of Syria for territorial dominance. Here Liberty looses its meaning when the US want to impose a Sunni dictator in Yemen over of various ethnic groups which had an understanding of their own freedom within. 


Meanwhile in Jordan, the Hashemites also House of Hashim, are the ruling royal family,  ... (from whom the Hashemite royal family is directly descended), including the Hashemites' ancestor Qatadah ibn Idris, were Zaydi Shias until the late Mamluk or early Ottoman period (1500s) when they converted to Shafi'i Sunni Islam.




Prince Hamzah bin Hussein of Jordan has been officially accused of plotting to undermine the country’s “security and stability.” Foreign parties participated in the plot, the Jordanian foreign minister claimed.


Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi held a brief press conference on Sunday to confirm the arrest on Saturday of Prince Hamzah, among around 16 others. The royal scion held the position of crown prince under his half-brother King Abdullah II before the monarch revoked the title in 2004, making his son Hussein the new heir-apparent.


The foreign minister confirmed that Prince Hamzah and others were arrested for allegedly plotting with outside forces against the royal family. The statement did not specify what the exact goal of the prince’s allegedly seditious activities was, stopping just short of accusing him of an attempt to overthrow the king



One could suspect that there are a few conflicts in Jordanian politics, possibly in regard to helping the USA in the invasion of Syria and other stuff.


We thus enter the murky world of arm shipments to various factions, rebels and terrorists and official fiefdoms such as Saudi Arabia. This is where the little shit prince, ABS, stirs the understanding by having a journalist murdered — and gets away with it. We don’t want to rock the boat of our “allies” as crooked or as despotic as they are. We have already explored the realms of “private” arms dealers on this site, but when, say, the USA makes a deal with Saudi Arabia to supply $100 billion of armament, some of it to be used in the war on Yemen, delivery of such demands a precise logistic solution. It is likely that more weaponry is being shipped now in a single year that was during the whole of WW2 with the Liberty Ships.



Enter the new Liberty Ships

  They are not grey, like during wartimes, they are painted blue and are designated as Vehicles Carriers…     
From Camp Darby US weapons for the war in Syria and Yemen (posted in 2017)  
by Manlio Dinucci  
Officially, the United States is no longer participating in the operation, “Let’s destroy Syria and Yemen”. It would appear that it is fighting against the jihadists. Yet, the Department of Defense continues to transport weapons to the jihadists. A regular supply chain has just been established.  It goes by the name, “Liberty Passion”. It is an enormous, state-of-the art, US ship of the Ro/Ro type (designed to transport vehicles and cargo on wheels): 200 metres long, it has 12 decks with a total area exceeding 50,000 m2, sufficient to transport cargo equal to 6,500 automobiles.

The ship is owned by the US company “Liberty Global Logistics” and it was on 24 March that the ship made its first stopover at the port of Livorno. Thus is established an official, regular connection between Livorno and the harbours in Jordan and Gedda in Saudi Arabia and the voyage is carried out every month by “Liberty Passion” and its sister ships “Liberty Pride” and “Liberty Promise”. The launch of such a service was celebrated like “a festival at the port of Livorno”.

However, not a soul states why the US company has specifically chosen Livorno in Tuscany as the stopover. A US Maritime Administration communication [1] fills the gap with the following explanation: “Liberty Passion” and two other ships, linking up Livorno and Aqaba and Gedda, form part of the “Programme for Maritime Security”, that through a public-private partnership, “provides the Department of Defense with a powerful, mobile private fleet which flies the US flag and is equipped with a US crew”. Each of the three ships has “the capacity to transport about one hundred vehicles for combat and support. These include tankers, vehicles to transport troops, helicopters and equipment for military units”.

And so it becomes clear why the US company has chosen Port Livorno to make the connection with the two southern ports. Port Livorno is linked to Camp Darby, the US army’s logistical base, situated at the border of Livorno. Camp Darby in turn supplies US air and land forces in the following zones: the Mediterranean zone, the Southern zone, the African zone and others. It is the only site for the US army where pre-arranged material (tankers, etc.) is placed together with the supplies: its 125 bunkers store all the equipment for two armoured battalions and two mechanized infantry. Also stocked: huge quantities of bombs and missiles for airplanes, together with “assembly kits” to quickly build airports in the war zone. Two routes can be used so that these and other military materials can be promptly sent to the zone of operation: the first is via Port Livorno, connected to the base of “Canale dei Navicelli” which has recently been enlarged; and the second, is via Pisa’s military airport. From here, departed the bombs used in the wars waged against Iraq, Yugoslavia and Libya.

Documentary sources (AsiaNews [2] and others) report that on its inaugural trip, “Liberty Passion” transported 250 military vehicles from Livorno to Aqaba (the Jordanian port). The ship arrived at Aqaba on 7 April, making its way there via the Suez Canal. Two days before, in Washington, President Trump received King Abdullah for the second time since February thus confirming US support to Jordan against the terrorist threat coming from Syria. However, it is precisely in Jordan, that for year, US, British and French instructors have been training militants belonging to the “Free Syria Army” for terrorist attacks in Syria.

Various reports indicate that an increasing number of US troops, fitted out with tankers and armoured vehicles, are moving to the Jordan-Syrian border. The objective? To take possession, using even Jordanian troops, of the southern band of the Syrian territory, where special US and British forces are operating in support of the “Free Syria Army” which is fighting with Isis. As early as February, President Trump had discussed with King Abdullah, “the possibility of establishing safe zones in Syria”. “Safe zones” is code for balkanizing Syria, now an option, given that, following Russian intervention, it is no longer possible to control the entire territory.

US arms are used for this and other military operations, which include the Saudi war which causes massacres in Yemen. These arms leave from Livorno, a city which, Pope Francis, on the invitation of Mayor Nogarin (Movimento 5 Stelle), will probably visit. Yesterday, once again, Pope Francis denounced “the trafficking of arms which allows money to be made from men and women shedding blood”. Meanwhile several residents of Livorno celebrate the fact that their Tuscan port has been chosen as the stopover for “Liberty Global Logistics”, for this creates huge prospects for development.

As long as the war continues, so does hope.   Finché c’è guerra, c’è speranza (“As long as there is war, there is hope”) is the title of the well-known Italian film made in 1974, directed by Alberto Sordi, who also performed in it. The film tells the story of a businessman who becomes wealthy by selling arms in Third World countries, shredded to pieces by war.”

Manlio Dinucci
Anoosha Boralessa
Il Manifesto (Italy)