Friday 30th of July 2021

of knives and love...















Mr Howard said his former colleague and rival was a "quite outstanding foreign minister" who forged important relationships with countries in the region and deepened the US alliance.

He is known for taking a stance against the Khmer Rouge genocide. In his earlier position as minister for territories, Mr Peacock played a key role in the path to Papua New Guinea's independence.

Mr Peacock spent much of the 80s battling with Mr Howard for the party's leadership position and he served as opposition leader twice.

Mr Howard acknowledged the pair had their personal differences but said they had "well and truly buried the hatchet" by the time he was appointed US ambassador.

"He brought to all that he did in public life a great amount of style, flair and distinction," Mr Howard said.


This detail from a masterly cartoon about the 50th anniversary of the Liberal (CONservative) Party by Bill Leak before he fell on his head, is about the way John Howard and Andrew Peacock fought each other. And if Peacock had "a great amount of style, flair and distinction", Howard had not an ounce of that — and was a grand master of cunning and lies...


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