Saturday 9th of December 2023

Woomera Reactor- Advertiser Letter Self-Reprint 28/2/07

Reading about the proposal for a South Australian-based nuclear reactor reminded me of another story.

Last May, a report stated that a professor had been hired by an unnamed consortium, which had intentions of building a reactor at Woomera.

Of all the places in a state to build a reactor, you would consider Woomera to be the most likely. Not only is it close to fuel supply but also a stone's throw from the launch pad.

Of the few places in the world from which experiments with nuclear powered spacecraft could be conducted, Woomera would no doubt have the best "amenities" for the task, once a reactor to convert uranium ore to "space fuel" arrived.

In both stories, the State Government rejected the possibility of an SA reactor.

Foreign Minister Alexander Downer has stated that there are no plans to allow such a construction.

However, it now appears that commercial endeavours to creat a nuclear facility have been going on for sometime.


On the day that this was published, the Advertiser's front page announced that a reactor was planned for Port Augusta, primarily to power the uranium mine.

I'm amused by the fact that the same journal had published Professor Leslie's revelation that he was working on the Woomera gig in May last year was omitted, as was my questioning if the two projects were the one and the same. Space constraints aside,you'd have that thought that an available substantiative reference would have added credibility to the concept.

We need to spend a lot more time on Woomera.. if Arthur C. Clarke could comprehend and publish stories based on its global signifigance as far back as 1947 surely many are busy getting the space push underway. Ostensibly the SA Regime Change has been to secure the uranium, but let's not forget the interplanetary crown jewel just up the road. Clarke assumed, "naturally" for the time, that given Britain's control of Woomera and hence extraterrestrial transport launches that this country would eventually become the world's superpower. Prince Charles as Galactic Overlord.. perish the thought,

Woomera is due to host trials for a NASA space shuttle replacement soon... I wonder if it will run on uranium?