Wednesday 25th of May 2022

Eagerness To Protect ASIO Officers' Names

The following Chaser extract is reminiscent of something that made me almost sh*t myself two weeks back. I'm not legally able to tell you what it reminds me of:

[Excerpt of ABC TV's Chaser's War On Everything (2006) courtesy of ABC Radio National's Media Report]

Julian Morrow: Minister, you've outlined the government's counter-terrorism strategy this morning, but can I ask you, in entertainment what is Austin Powers' middle name?

Philip Ruddock: Who is Austin Powers?

Julian Morrow: Well it does bear on your portfolio, Minister, Austin Powers is a super-spy?

Philip Ruddock: Is he; for whom?

Julian Morrow: The British government I believe.

Philip Ruddock: I see. I don't ever know the names of spies, and I certainly don't know the names of intelligence officers, nor should you.

Julian Morrow: Okay so I shouldn't tell you that the answer is in fact Danger is his middle name....

Philip Ruddock: No, you shouldn't tell me the names that may be a nom de plume of agents when you may expose their lives to danger.


Let's just say that things are tightening up.