Tuesday 25th of June 2024

Law And Activism

My mind's spinning around The Eureka Rebellion, Mahatma Ghandi, Easter 1916, Garry Kasparov, and Parkin (brutally thrown out of our country for no crime) floats around the edges.

In the eyes of those who believe themselves as defending against an imposed injustice, observance of the laws of a perceived oppressor may not be foremost amongst priorities.

There are many who share Bryan Law's concern of the use of U.S. military technology on our soil. I for one am dismayed at the successful U.S. sponsored scramjet launch at Woomera last Friday. Of course everyone's talking up the two-hour flight to London, but peaceful uses for such technologies never preceed the need to find newer and more efficient ways to kill each other.

I mentioned here last year the observations of Dr Keith Suiter on local radio, as he explained how Pine Gap would definitely be being used to monitor mobile phone calls, and work out the best time to send a load of missiles at a building... sometimes, according to him, so many missiles that the things were hitting each other in the air before they hit there targets.

Sure, they got Al Zaqawi that way, but today they also got seven innocent Afghani kids.

Think about this.. iff a missile can launch itself 500kms upwards, it will be able to, using the now proven scramjet, steer itself into an Afghani schoolhouse at ten times the speed of sound. Pine Gap can take the call, Woomera can deliver the message... or one of the Aegis Sm-3s they're going to put on the warships. What a team.

What Bryan and his friends have done has sent out a concentrically expanding ripple of thought. That's the sort of thing that the CIA, ASIO and Ruddock are really trying to suppress.

Yep, they broke a couple of laws. It was worth it.