Saturday 24th of February 2024

looking for america......

A lovely end of day — or a glistening night

In downtown Los Angeles where the shifting skies were made

Of yellow golden bursts and green streaks of purest jade

Above a boated harbour of attractive shopping malls on the edge

Of an ocean of silver sparks by Onyx, Tourmaline and liquid Pearls

We were looking for that famous shop of beautiful light

To buy a simple coffee and a TV

Everyone was so nothingly busy

No-one paid attention to our trollied follies

A soft crowd of strongest souls and full of muscular bodies

Dressed in black, platinum jewels and golden mink coats for Earls

So clean as America was right

And I’d been wrong all along.


Greed and equality had gone fine together along

Seventeen black dancers dressed in tinselling black

Came from the other side of the bay across a glass bridge

They floated above a hundred vessels and the oily ditch below

I had been wrong all along

Wrong all along

Becoming more and more naked

Time went along still looking for my blue camera

To capture forever this moment of blissed elonged ephemera

Which was languishing in the hotel room on a bed of sequins

While my second-hand frittering rags floated away to be cleaned

And I became naked

I was naked

I could not remember the edge of this sea like a shore 

Of Kyanite, Lapis Lazuli and Zircon Natura

The shops were too full, too rich, too stated

And windows reflected half of me, my poor state deflated

While holding the hand of a loved one who had now faded

Was I wrong to see too much happiness in this chimera

A spectacle of the choreographed trance in this perfect paradise

Or was it a perfect hell that strangely beautifully begins

I was wrong all along and my spirit paralyse

I had been wrong all along

All along wrong

I was naked


America had to be found here now started

Greed and equality had gone fine together along

America was a gem — a lonely diamond.


                      Robert Urbanoski