Sunday 14th of July 2024

they rob you with inflation.....

This is not a fait accompli against which we could do nothing, than suffer it. Since we can stop suffering because it's a product of the enemies of society, hyper-selfish who have neither faith nor law. In this case, we can't respect them.

Society remains structurally organized to rob the poor


by Gilbert Guingant


This text pretty much clears the problem. With so many useful contributions, it helps to bring together the certainties that – theoretically – capitalism no longer exists except as a series of lies. The worst of which is to pretend to be "natural", coming directly from the laws of Nature. While fake capitalism is only artificial, entirely invented, now a TV series, a speech disorganized by inhuman hearts. There is no “invisible hand”, which would watch over all things that their visible hands of illegal greed.

Because there is no longer an objective science of economics except that of Theft organized by the powers… inflation is above all not a fatality (the one the people suffer). It is an entangled suite of scams (which are revealed and which, therefore, should only end up in prison!). The two main causes of inflation:

1. Inflation is 50% caused by monopolies prohibited by law

Monopolies, which directly contradict the “free market”. The market for Free competition. The one so much praised by Europe in article 1 of its Constitution, rejected in 2005 by the Referendum “Europe is for free and undistorted competition”… With monopolies there is unfair competition, since it is sequestered, and therefore absolutely distorted. Monopolies disobey Europe, and its laws. They are are above all people worst enemies, that's for sure. And the EC... illegally supports them. The monopolies turn ex-capitalism into very serious banditry in organized gangs. These great thieves are the cause of 50% of all the inflation… Too much to ignore.

Evidence: the rising curve of all the money that you lose due to the unnecessary increase in prices, is found – symmetrically – in illegal monopoly profits. They win what you lose, except the law shouldn't anddoesn't allow it. But the other enemies of society, disguised as politicians, therefore help the monopolies stay outside the law. The blatant correspondence of the curves confesses the grave offense of antisocial inflation... "Growth" exists for them alone, since, for decades, wages have been blocked, and therefore does not contribute to any growth. Inflation is raising prices without increasing costs : these “surplus profits” which remain unfairly untaxed! This is why inflation can be seen as organized theft. The enemies of society steal it from us all the time. They are the lowest scums on Earth!

2. The second cause is speculation in 40% of the case

(By now we have exposed 90% of the big fomenters of the “organized inflation”) some people claim their right to speculate. Except that if they piss and shit on the doors of the neighbours, it is no longer a right... but flagrant abuses, unjustified aggressions, hostage-taking of the lives of others, behaviors of "enemies of Company ". What they especially do not want to be done to them! Accumulate hyper selfish profits by harming the whole society just to accumulate unfair gains by simple automated manipulations of buying and selling... that's… shabby, small, petty, sordid and creates inflation that RUINS small businesses and cornershops. The monopolistic controls want to appropriate all without any legal right. Antitrust laws outlaw any monopoly but the speculations fall into the delirium so deadly to index all prices on the Stock Exchange. The abolition of the Stock Exchange would be a huge benefit for the people. These enemies of the human race just want to make all the activities of more than 90% of the population their private property. Unfair. No fair and especially not necessary!

3. How to really get out of this destruction from above ?

Since Marx, we know that to expose the crimes of society is not to transform it. And that the most effective shortcut to this mutation remains to formulate the root causes of events. Method: All that remains is to cite the obstacles between us and complete transformation. The most important of which remains the main event… no need for manufactured inflation that is manufactured only to increase superprofits that are unjust and not necessary. The solution will pulls out the rotten roots?

4. Abolish the Stock Exchange to find the Local economies finally… reunited

We are bathing in the structured mafia monopolies. How, without investing anything, they steal if unlawfully (for us) the property of others. Covid, false emergency law, unfounded confinement (we never confine healthy people), 49-3 (allows the French government to force passage of a law without a vote), police repression, illegal media monopolies... all this having ALLOWED the concentrated monopolies to grow harmfully and always faster. The useless confinements have attacked the local economies known as real “economies”. Local business that we need so much everywhere. Monopolies irresponsibly destroyed these local enterprises. We must redo everything against this destructive push... Public services and local economies are more necessary and just, than their sordid profits. Undeserved profits coming from hidden extortion.

The word that describes them so precisely remains: “parasites”. Parasites that live on the backs of 80% of Humanity, create nothing but destroy social ties (by its "war economy"). And have no other goal than to wallow dirtily on the so-called… profitable rent (which irresponsibly secretes cash). They both kill the future of our children and ours. Fair and necessary conclusion: Everything will be much better without them. And, since there was an "end of privileges", hopefully there will be an "end of parasites". What do you say ?


short cut? The nuisance of monologue in politics? Monologue being a de facto monopoly. We found this which describes an anti-debater, a destroyer of conversations, an enemy of parleying in Parliament. We need to hate the monologued orations,

… “able to ignore the tone of the question to focus only on its content, where he was so convinced that he was right that he only heard WHAT HE THINKED" (p.389 – Pierre Lemaitre – « The big world », January 2023)…

Yes, dumbfounded, stunned, deafened, lost, in the din of his own portable sound hell. There in the regressive cave (parliament) where all humanity is getting lost ! The parlementarian looses everything along the way. He would like everyone to follow him there… Having reached “social deafness" (concept to be introduced everywhere) we see, above all, an antisocial destitute for whom "to lead equals to prevent others from speaking". Yes at this point! Hellish nightmare, right? Especially for others and the others are everyone !

Being incompetent in any dialogue, in sharing and fairness. Returning to the deaf and blind brute without exchanges… for life locked up in the insane vociferation of a monologue shouted all the time.

Now, we find the right voice to expose that 90% of all inflation is caused only by 2 deviant behaviors that are so undemocratic. This help us … clean their 90% of their shit.

Once again living without these troublemakers has become very necessary...

Let's carry on....

source: Imagine