Wednesday 17th of April 2024

Bush's APEC Digs

I once had the pleasure of being the sole occupier of the Presidential Suite at the Sebel Town House. (don't was a private joke..bloody nice, though very brown( and so was wondering today what that level of motel room was like these days.

The Tele's Gemma Jones (wasn't she the one covering the break-in of Haneef's unit? Yep) went to what will be Bush's room for a test drive.. it sounds like the same sort of digs as I had.

I was struck, reading this piece, by the line:

The first thing the President will see when he steps inside the luxury suite is a stunning postcard view of Sydney Harbour and the Opera House.

Of course Bush won't see any nasty views of protestors. They're banned from his line of sight. That's what it's all about.. well, mostly.

Advice to Dubya: take the phone in the spa off the hook.. bloody room service don't know when to leave a man in peace.

Feeling guilty now, so I'll confess.. working on a train doco, and had dared the producer.

Still looking for a bed next week, though a couple of airport workers have offered. Promise I won't pinch the towels again ;)