Saturday 9th of December 2023

More info for Chapter 16 Australians for Honest Politicians (Linda Wootten)

I have been enjoying your book, especially Part Three. Chapter 16 has given rise to doubts. I am hoping your angle on the electoral fraud laws in Qld are due to ignorance not seeking to colour the discussion.

You didn't mention that the reason members of 'Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party' were disgruntled was because they found out that they had no democratic rights in that Party. They could not elect their own President. As Pauline told a meeting of supporters in Townsville, under the structure she and the two Davids had devised, she was 'President for Life'. The Management Three could not be deposed under the Rules of 'Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party'. Why wouldn't you be disgruntled? What member of any community group would not be disgruntled with that kind of Constitution? What member of the Australian Public would not be disgruntled with a political party, which was in effect a totalitarian regime or a dictatorship.

You also didn't mention that Karen Ehrman, ALP member, was jailed for 3 years for electoral fraud, (with a lesser period with parole and actually served about 9 months) for trying to influence an internal Party plebiscite, not a State Election. Mike Kaiser (page 312) lost his pre-selection and had his ALP membership cancelled for falsifying his address for an internal plebiscite.

How much worse is denying the democratic rights of all your supporters so you could be 'President for Life'?