Wednesday 19th of June 2024

The Lindsay Electorate (CILLA TEY)

Despite our extensive leaflet dropping and handouts, the Lindsay voter turnout for the 'Defend Your Democracy' forum in Penrith on 18/9 was very disappointing.

That was quite a stark contrast to the full house the following day at the same venue when John Howard (along with Tony Abbott, Jackie Kelly, Ross Cameron etc) was there to bribe all the western seats.

Labor is unable to counter the scare campaign on interest rates and the economy in this area. I have plans to drop leaflets on interest rates and the economy as part of our grassroots campaign. There is only a handful of us helping. I have a good article from The Age on 'The Truth about John Howard and Interest Rates.' Does anyone out there have any other articles I can use? Unfortunately, Truth in government is not high up on the local electorate's priorities. They are worried about their mortgages.

It is really depressing as most of the locals should really be pro-public health and education. I am feeling rather desperate and helpless in Lindsay.

HA: Cilla, you're a trooper. Lindsay will be a tough nut, but, in the words of Aragorn, 'There is always hope'. A letterbox campaign specifically targetting the interest rate issue sounds like an excellent strategy. Can anyone help? Email me if you want me to pass your contact details on to Cilla.