Saturday 9th of December 2023

Side-stepping truth. Again. ()

So, it's two weeks since our book was released. We've been told, by Penguin and other reliable sources, that sales are going through the roof and people are going into bookshops demanding Margo's book. Thanks so much for all your support. Maybe we'll actually get a Mike Moore sales tally before we know it?!

As i said on Saturday, the Jewish News has avoided engaging the real issues in my chapter on Hanan Ashrawi and pro-Zionist lobbying in Australia. Over the weekend, Margo and I wrote a response to this, and it'll be appearing in this week's edition, out Thursday. If you want to see how Israel/Palestine is really covered in our media, check it out.

Now briefly, Iraq. With the so-called handover occurring last week in the war-ravaged country, we seem to be receiving mixed messages from our media outlets on the true nature of the country. The first appearance of Saddam last week was a momentous event, no question about it, but how much do we really know about what transpired in secret and still under US control? Trial of the century? Or white-wash of the decade?

I just wanted to share with you all a recent report by famed Middle East journalist, Robert Fisk. It proves, yet again, that one has to got to be pretty skeptical about what we're hearing and seeing in our media. In my view, one of Margo's central points is discovering alternative points of view and looking and cherishing those differences. Thank god for the web. Again.

Here's Fisk's piece.