Thursday 22nd of August 2019

Recent site news and updates

As of 5.25 pm 15/05/05 we have 300 registered members! The site is building momentum both in terms of members and the number of visits. We hope to be adding some features which will promote direct participation in our democratic process very soon. I am certain this will further boost our membership.

The spell-checker in the rich text editor should now be working, though it is not available in all browsers. Internet Explorer and Firefox should be fine, Safari users are still missing out on this!

We have tweaked the caching so hopefully some of the problems with people still finding themselves logged on when they've logged of and then return should disappear. We also hope that some of the problems with the forum reporting false numbers of new comments to be read will have disappeared. There are still further minor problems with the caching however, so we will do further work on these in due course.