Friday 18th of January 2019

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the "new" colonialists...

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The British Empire on which the sun never sets

Monkeying With Lunar Magic

What a bloody mess we're weaving
when the truth is all-deceiving
Dogs wag tails, tails wag dogs
Would-be could-be Hitler blogs
Maybe truth comes from within

a certain arrogance...


The administration of US President Donald Trump relies heavily on the support of followers of evangelical Christianity as a “motivating force” behind their policies, and that could prove dangerous to global stability, according to a recent report by The Guardian.

more happiness for your bucks?...


Ross Gittins "How to get more happiness per dollar" is a bit bland. If you are a "creative" person (like me — I hope I am, but who nows, I could be the "master of the fake" as some of my mates call me), you might end up in an asylum for blancmanged bogans, should you follow "his" advice based on a study by three US psychologists... Ah, no less than three US diplomed dudes:


The pyres of europe...


Christopher Clark’s history of Europe was fascinating — especially if you did not know much about the history of Europe. Going back to the geological formation of the continent, Christopher Clark was brilliantly supported by a large team of German producers who illustrated with excellent reenactments some of the major events in this well-told history. Quite accurately told, till about 1900. 


the tragedies of the democrats...


Hypocrisy Without Bounds: The Tragedy of ‘Liberal’ Foreign Policy

The president says he will bring the troops home from Syria and Afghanistan. Now, because of their pathological hatred of Trump, mainstream Democrats are hysterical in their opposition.

on the hedge ...

on the hedge ...

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