Wednesday 18th of September 2019

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hard working pollies in kanbra reveal their true employers: not a single sod in the aussie populace...


Wow... Amazing Amanda and Andrew are on the same page! 


First Andrew Bolt:

Sky News host Andrew Bolt has unleashed on Scott Morrison for his “disgusting and despicable” decision to “play the race card” in his defence of rookie MP Gladys Liu.

daily update of our social compass with snowden and assange...


Book a suite in a luxury hotel in Moscow, send the room number encrypted to a pre-determined mobile number and then wait for a return message indicating a precise time: Meeting Edward Snwoden is pretty much exactly how children imagine the grand game of espionage is played.

and just like that, at the push of a button, my whole working life was erased...


It was my birthday recently. I turned 58. I have a 40-year work history and a bachelor of science with a double major in physics and chemistry, plus a string of other qualifications. I even have a forklift licence, and used to run the quality testing lab at the factory where I worked for eight years before it closed in 2012.

According to my Jobactive provider, none of it happened. All they see is my age.

political correctitude (correctness) is not a laughing matter...

timberThe classic British comedy series ‘Monty Python’ is 50 years old this month, but the sobering fact is that it, along with other shows of the era, would not be made today due to politically correct policing.

a climate emergency...


When the patient is dead, there is no point taking him/her to the hospital emergency. The morgue is the place to do a post mortem that tells us that an hour ago, the patient was alive and kicking. So what killed him? Were we warned or alarmed enough to see that the patient was going to die? What could have been done to prevent his/her death?


at the market for fresh weapons...

eweapon market
Hundreds of protesters gathered in East London at one of the world’s largest arms fairs seeking to peacefully prevent the Defence and Security Equipment International from going ahead as usual.

the butterfly in the coal mine?...


If you're old enough you may remember having to wipe the squished remains of moths, grasshoppers and other insects from your windscreen when driving through regional Australia.

the international policy of the "perfide albion"...


During the dissolution of the USSR, France and Germany tried to maintain their place in the world by solving the problem of their size against the US giant. They decided to reunify the two Germanys and to merge together in a supranational state: the European Union.


Armed with their experiences of inter-state cooperation, they thought it possible to build this supranational state despite Secretary of State James Baker’s dictate of forced enlargement to the East.


“We care about you…” has to be enormously sincere...

A man suspected of drug trafficking committed suicide Monday morning at the arrival of the police and the Raid in Beziers (Herault), police said.

more jewish estate robbery...


Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to annex part of the occupied West Bank if he is returned to office next week.

the ritual of news: slants, opinions, lies, 10,000 “false or misleading claims”, fake seaweed, facts, alternative facts...


The Trump era has forced the mainstream media to rethink its approach to covering the White House, given Trump’s willingness to lie so flagrantly.

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