Monday 18th of November 2019

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As key diplomats testified in an open session, Democrats hoped to overcome the polarization that has defined Trump’s presidency.




Dear Mr President and the First Lady,

what is philosophy?...

Western philosophy 'unimaginative, even xenophobic'

bushfire victims want Australia to know they are "suffering from climate change"...


Australia holds the potential to sit amongst the world’s renewable energy superpowers, but “unprecedented” bushfires across NSW reveal just how lacking the government’s climate change policy is.

beschädigungen sind untersagt...


Germany marks 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall

Berlin was the scene of day-long celebrations to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the fall of the wall that divided the city. Angela Merkel vowed during a memorial "that no wall will separate people ever again."

Germany celebrated on Saturday the 30th anniversary of the opening of the Berlin Wall, a decisive event in the fall of communism in Eastern Europe.

our thoughts are with you...


Three dead, seven missing as PM warns of worse bushfire news to come

Three people are confirmed dead, seven are still missing and more than 150 houses have been lost as firestorms raged from the New South Wales mid-north coast to the Queensland border.

gus wasn't there so he cannot confirm nor deny...


The journalist, who had conducted numerous interviews with the Pope, is known for writing the accounts of his conversations from memory rather than taking notes; while Pope Francis has yet to comment, the Vatican called his purported comments a “free interpretation” of what he actually said.

having a go-a-gogo...


Friends, I want to share this with you. If you have a go, you get a go. I firmly believe that. I have always believed that.

the warts and all of US wars — and others losers...

warts and all...

The difficulty with accepting the common, popular, and mundane notions of American history is that, most often, they’re simply wrong. This isn’t solely an American problem, of course, as all nations would rather recount an imagined history than one filled to the brim with discomforting (and sometimes bloody) truths.

of drought, floods and fire in kanbra...

of drought, floods and fire in kanbra...

Mr Mullins is one of 23 former senior emergency figures trying to get the Australian Government to listen to their concerns about climate change and the missing capacity to fight fires in a new era.

Horsemen Long Gone

I was born on Cup Day
The year Lightfingers won
and Jeanie Shrimpton wore a skirt
that bared her legs in the sun
My grandpop was an extra
in Fifty Thousand Horsemen
Light Horse Captain in real life
and all his horses loved him.

He rode a horse into a bar
He knew without a doubt
that seeing as he owned the pub
he wouldn't get thrown out.
He listened to the races,
had a little bet each day
Knew the trainers, jockeys too
and their journeys to today

fuzzy fuck mother nature. It's good for you…


There are a few articles on RT — the Russian sponsored news network — which to say the least are a worry. Here are a couple of them:

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