Saturday 28th of November 2015

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an international incident...

turkish delight

It's quite dizzying trying to understand both sides of the argument. The Turks supposed to have warned the Russian plane of an incursion into their Turkish Airspace. The Russians claim they never received such warming.

When looking at the map of the supposed incident, in which a Turkish plane shot down a Russian plane, one would have to admit that even if the Russian plane had gone through Turkish airspace, it would have taken the Russian Plane less than 30 seconds to cross the sliver indicated by the Turks. There would have been very little time for any communication of value. By the time the Russian pilots could reply, they were shot down. 

on the spit...



the news of the day, fryday 20th november 2015

media briefs

The day started funnily enough. The media reports from various countries placed various slant on the events of the times, being Paris. Paris, New York, Moscow, Sydney (News Limited) all had different spin. 


attack turnbull and hunt with slogans, T-shirts and caps.


Make your own T-shit: buy a T-shirt and paint stuff on it as per sample on top. You will save the planet from the terrorists who use coal as their weapons against the planet.

stop coal mining...

stop mining

dorks' debate...


of terror and potato heads...

bad smell

In Red Dwarf, Lister, the last human in the entire universe, teaches Kryten, the droid with a head shaped like a badly-peeled potato, to lie — as if lying was at the core of being human. 


apologies and condolences — adam and eve are forgiven...


May I convey my sincere condolences to the families of those who have been killed in Paris.

May the injured recover fully.

May peace enter the heart of everyone. 

I'd like to apologise for this crummy cartoon which is too complicated but simplistically represents how we distort the human condition with stupid religious views. 



on board the cruise-liner "symphony of the universe"


I feel like the annoying uncle creating mayhem in a perfectly "normal" family, by telling eager junior it's okay to be a prankster. I seem to harp on about the religious hypocrisy and useless faith day in day out. It has nothing to do with any doubt in my life, nor about trying to defend my patch of lawn.


the story of christmas


Our glorious site has been a bit sick for a couple of days. It seems the gods of the internauts are possibly angry. My guess is that some doozy from the Metadata collection pressed the wrong button and mucked up. Or it could be just an accident of a provider going plonk.

chook coops, rabbit warrens and happy developers...



An international expert on planning healthy cities has warned Sydney against following the Asian model of concentrating high rise around train stations to house a booming population.

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