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plan A, plan B, ....


as a writer don watson is good. as nostradamus he is zero...

zero cluezero clue

Don Watson wrote this article for the November Monthly, published in October. The Monthly seems to know what's what on average. Here the Monthly and Don Watson goofed. Lovely sentiments though la Woman was a catastrophe in waiting.

australia's signs the paris climate agreement while digging more coal than ever...

carbon pricingcarbon pricing

A carbon price for power companies is set to be considered as part of a climate change review, but the Government has ruled out a return to Labor's carbon tax.

diplomatic sauce


As the world pundits, in their ivory tower of prejudices and commentariatorials in the Liberal press (MMMM), freak out because Trump took a phone call from the President of Taiwan, we can only hope that no one will buy their rancid froth. Sure the Chinese will lodge a protest and so the Martians should as well on this issue. But as everyone outside the Pentagon comes in peace, the toys made in China are safely on their way to Santa's retreat on the north pole.

looking after the whales...

sea shepherd

Conservation group Sea Shepherd has unveiled the latest addition to its anti-whaling arsenal, a $12 million custom-designed ship.

The Ocean Warrior is docked in Hobart after sailing from Turkey, where it was built with money from Dutch lotteries.

what we don't want to see...


Greenpeace sought access to BP’s “well operation management plan”, held by the National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority. Nopsema refused access to parts of the document, listing a range of reasons.

It cited one as “the likelihood of opposition/protest groups using the information to oppose all drilling activities in the Great Australian Bight”.

the da turnbull code...


the issue won't go away...

another trump wall of ignoranceanother trump wall of ignorance

medicare, grandpa mark and surgeon turnbull


I’ve committed a terrible crime. I don’t agree with a government policy.

sore losers...


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