Thursday 2nd of April 2020

the art of looking in control....


"The genesis of this economic shock," Treasurer Josh Frydenberg said on Thursday, "was outside of our control, but our response is not."

once upon a time, under labor, the stimulus was for flat screen TVs...

desperate measures

The Federal Government has announced a $17.6 billion economic stimulus package in a bid to keep Australians in jobs as the economy takes a hit from the spread of coronavirus.

and don’t forget to wash your hands!...


Pray for me, my friends, because I have the flu. No, not the Chinese Bat Flu, or Pangolin Flu, or Covid-19, or Coronavirus, or whatever it’s called now … just the regular, annoying Winter flu that goes around Berlin every year during flu season.


From CJ Hopkins


wars on an endless loop (tautological but profitable of course) ...


19 years of "war without end"

President George W. Bush decided to radically transform the Pentagon’s missions, as Colonel Ralph Peters explained in the Army magazine Parameters on September 13, 2001. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld appointed Admiral Arthur Cebrowski to train future officers. Cebrowski spent three years touring military universities so that today all general officers have taken his courses. His thoughts were popularized for the general public by his deputy, Thomas Barnett.

the prohibitive maths: hard to say no to imperfect joe...

unnatural selection

Andrew Yang endorsed Joe Biden for president live on CNN Tuesday night during the network’s primary election night broadcast.

sizing down...


Qantas is moving into damage control by slashing seat numbers on international flights and top executives taking pay cuts as it reels from the hit to demand from the global coronavirus outbreak.

non-renewable energy falling demand caused by the spread of the coronavirus...

saudi oil

Oil prices crashed in Asia on Monday by around 30% in what analysts are calling the start of a price war.

all is best in the best of the world as long as you can wipe your butt...

don't panic

Fears over the Coronavirus have now spread to the Australian Stockmarket where $100 billion has been wiped off the value of shares.

going to the slaughterhouse....


The Australian share market is down 4% in what could be the most turbulent day yet during this coronavirus-driven markets crisis.

Michael McCarthy, chief market strategist at CMC Markets and Stockbroking in Sydney, said

US stock futures are trading significantly lower this morning after crude oil futures dropped more than 20% at the opening of the US Sunday night session.

scapegoating putin once more...


Four suspects are to go on trial in the Netherlands charged with the murder of 298 passengers and crew on board Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, in what the Australian government says is the first significant step towards achieving “justice and accountability”.

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