Thursday 28th of January 2021

Train sets or baby dolls?...


There is a tendency to be hasty in dealing with transgenderism. It has been described as a medical condition, when kids and adults feel that they live in the wrong sex-allocated body.


The psychology is complex. A passing moment in believing something or something else is part of learning. Becoming entrenched in our ideas and feelings can become obsessive. We learn to lie as much to others as to our self. 

DEWs and instant death...

star trek

Directed Energy Weapons are the next best thing… Well they’re not really good stuff if you want peace, but if you are at war and want to destroy something “precisely” INSTANTANEOUSLY, Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) are the go.

the old pirate lingo: parler...


Parler is fast becoming a conservative echo-chamber but big name climate deniers don't seem to be abandoning mainstream social media for the fringe platform — at least not yet.

of over-population...


Over-population is a sore point on many fronts. This cartoon from the New Yorker circa 1960s is frighteningly telling, but is it accurate?


you say hack, we say christmas carols....


Hackers have breached computer systems used by US federal agencies including the Treasury and Commerce departments, US Government officials say.


in any democratic ideals, our decisions have to include nature...


The climate conference next year will determine cause for any serious, immediate optimism, Attenborough says.

the marketing of scomo's howzat...


While Stephen Smith was Australia’s foreign minister during the Rudd government from 2007 to 2010 he instructed his department to banish the phrase “punching above our weight” from speech notes and official correspondence.

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