Wednesday 20th of February 2019

the WW1 conspiracy...

war propaganda

November 11, 1918.

All across the Western front, the clocks that were lucky enough to escape the four years of shelling chimed the eleventh hour. And with that the First World War came to an end.

on the unicorn trail...


Our bread can get stale, dry, mouldy or be eaten by other creatures such as rats. In order to make tea, we need to collect the leaves, dry them and add “hot” water to extract flavour and some “nutrients”. Tea does not do well in cold water. We boil the billy.

a quarter of a nobel prize...


I was at a loss to write a new article to bother someone (you) with… It did not bother me that I had no idea. There’s always something. The news is full of amusing crap, like the Russians shooting at Ukrainian Navy boats trying to get through Russian territorial waters without permission; like the war on Yemen continuing with more kids dying of starvation and diseases such as cholera because of the Saudis and the USA; like Theresa May pushing her Brexit salad mix at the table of the Europeans — and of course we have Trump, clowning mad as ever, like an idiot amusing himself.


crawling like god-bless-america critters...


The brain of cockroaches could be (it is possible according to Gus’ studies of frightened specimen in his kitchen) superior to ours, thus far less complicated. It seems that roaches don’t wish to destroy each other, nor try to save each other from their demons or from one another’s failings. They don’t have an interest in taking over the world though they might do it while crawling everywhere on it, nor do they wish to destroy the planet. It seems the perfect attitude to life. We don’t like cockroaches.

fighting white CONservative gangs...


A senior Victorian Liberal MP is calling for a "root-and-branch review" of the party after its devastating election loss, while a federal counterpart has apologised for the impact Malcolm Turnbull's axing had on the result.

your car has just burned down… the sun is bright...


incidentalism is the philosophy that will be used to write the epitaph on Gus Leonisky’s urn.

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Times are hard to be a man
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